Mana Reaches Tentative Compromise With Wynwood Board That Will Allow Taller Buildings First

Wynwood’s Business Improvement District has a tentative compromise agreement with Mana:

  • Mana’s project will be split in two, with Mana developing the more lucrative western half with 24 story buildings first
  • Wynwood will forego $7.5 million in funding, which comissioner Keon Hardemon demanded for Overtown
  • The eastern portion will be developed in line with Wynwood Neighborhood Revitalization District instead of SAP, including contributions to the NRD Public Benefits Trust Fund

The revised SAP, which the BID voted against supporting, is scheduled for a vote by Miami’s commission today.


A press release from the BID:

Wynwood BID Rejects Moishe Mana’s current Special Area Plan Following Breaches on Promises Made

Wynwood BID Board of Directors Passes Resolution Supporting Alternate Plan
that Breaks Mana Wynwood Project into West Zone to be covered by SAP, East Zone to be remain subject to Wynwood NRD-1 Zoning Regulation

Mana indicates willingness to accept alternative plan

Miami, FL (September 7, 2016) – Today, the Wynwood Business Improvement District (BID) Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution stating its opposition to the Mana Wynwood Special Area Plan (SAP) after Mr. Mana, the real estate developer of the project, made unexpected and significant last-minute changes to previously-agreed-to terms that were a condition to the Wynwood BID supporting his proposed SAP following more than a year of negotiations between the parties.

Consequently, the Wynwood BID Board Directors presented the Mana Wynwood team with an alternative plan following a lengthy public discussion at today’s meeting where the BID Board and representatives of Mr. Mana agreed in principal to breaking up the Mana Wynwood project into two zones. The two zones are the more dense West Zone (between NW 5th Avenue and Interstate 95), where planned high-rise buildings would continue to fall under the proposed Special Area Plan (SAP), and the East Zone (between NW 2nd Avenue and NW 5th Avenue), where lower-rise development and cultural components are planned, remaining under the existing Wynwood Neighborhood Revitalization District (NRD) zoning regulations.

The Wynwood BID Board unanimously passed a resolution to support such alternative plan that would result in Mr. Mana making greater contributions to the Wynwood NRD Public Benefits Trust Fund, which supports community improvements in the area, while also following through on his commitment to the neighboring Overtown community. The NRD guidelines were enacted late last year to ensure that the artistic and industrial character of the Wynwood area is maintained, limit commercial development projects to 5 and 8 stories (by right), and create a funding stream for infrastructure projects and affordable workforce housing. This new, compromise plan for Mana Wynwood would be subject to City of Miami Planning Department review and approval by the City of Miami Commission.

“The alternative plan that we presented today further undercores our steadfast commitment to reach a consensus with Mr. Mana,” said Albert Garcia, Vice Chairman of the Wwnwood BID. “As a municipal board of the City of Miami, the Wynwood BID is committed to advocating on behalf of Wynwood, while encouraging responsible development aligned with the objectives of the NRD zoning in Wynwood. We expect Mr. Mana will honor his previous commitments to the Wynwood NRD Public Benefits Trust Fund and the Southeast Overtown / Park West CRA. These communities stand united in their belief that Mr. Mana can and should keep his word. His team heard that message loud and clear today.”

This new compromise comes after Mr. Mana and his team made unexpected, last-minute changes to previously-agreed-to terms of the Mana Wynwood SAP. Those terms had been negotiated over the course of a year and were a condition of a prior Wynwood BID Board resolution in support of the project, which helped the Mana Wynwood SAP gain first reading City Commission approval. Changes made to the original SAP terms included the removal of the phasing of development, which required that much-needed public spaces and lower-scale portions of the project on NW 2nd Avenue be built prior to the high-rises; and the potential loss of more than $7 million in previously-agreed-to dollars for the Wynwood Public Benefits Trust Fund. This move came just as the Wynwood neighborhood experienced a drop-off in business following Zika concerns.

Seperately, the Historic Overtown Oversight Board met today with Mr. Mana’s representatives and passed a resolution of support of the SAP contingent on Mr. Mana honoring both of his in kind cash contributions to the Overtown CRA and Wynwood’s Public Benefit Trust Fund.

Mr. Mana and his team are scheduled to appear before the City of Miami Commission for final approval of their SAP at Miami City Hall on Thursday, September 8, 2016, where their exisiting plan and the alternative, consolidated plan will be reviewed and taken into consideration by the Miami Commissioners. The Wynwood BID Board of Directors will also be in attendance.


Press releases from Mana:

Wynwood BID Passes Resolution In Support of a Portion of Mana Wynwood Special Area Plan

MIAMI, FL – Today, the Mana Wynwood team and Wynwood BID moved forward with a compromise that results in the BID’s continued support of Mana Wynwood, with the BID passing a resolution of support for a portion of the Special Area Plan.

Today’s compromise and the BID’s added resolution of support allows Mana Wynwood to move forward with their cultural development, including significant expansion of new businesses for the arts, theater, trade, technology and design communities in Miami while incorporating significant community and infrastructure benefits to Wynwood and surrounding neighborhoods.

“Our purpose in Miami is to build a cultural and business infrastructure rich in fashion, art and entertainment,” said Moishe Mana. “The continued support of the Wynwood BID allows us to move closer to realizing an historic opportunity to grow the arts and enhance the cultural and business diversity that Miami needs.”


Mana Wynwood Receives Unanimous Support for Special Area Plan from the Overtown Community Oversight Board

MIAMI, Fla. – Today, Mana Wynwood Special Area Plan received unanimous support from the Overtown Community Oversight Board.

“Mana Wynwood is thrilled to have unanimous support from the Overtown Community Oversight Board for the Mana Wynwood SAP,” said architect Bernard Zyscovich. “With the help of policymakers and local businesses we have put together an ambitious plan that expands arts and business opportunities in Wynwood, as well as opportunities for neighboring communities like Overtown who have a storied history of arts and deep cultural significance to South Florida.”

Benefits from the Mana SAP to the Overtown community include:

· Creation of a Fashion and Arts Program in affiliation with the Southeast Overtown Park West CRA to train students for future employment in the fashion and arts sectors.
· New signage welcoming visitors to Historic Overtown along the borders of the SAP Area and Overtown neighborhood.
· Substantial contributions by Mana to the Southeast Overtown Park West CRA for economic initiatives including affordable and workforce housing.
· Payment of responsible wages in the form of minimum hourly wages, health benefits and pension wages for local, minority and small businesses.
· Local workforce participation commitments
· Hiring local, minority and small business architecture, engineering, and construction firms.
· Provide a minimum 10% of affordable and workforce housing.