Mana Submits Special Area Plan For 30 Acres In Wynwood

In addition to his plan to build a hotel/fashion/beauty center for Luxury Brand partners, Moishe Mana is taking the rest of his 30-acre Wynwood property through the entitlement process.



Zyscovich Architects presents vision for former Wynwood Warehouse District in the City of Miami.
Miami, Florida, November 9, 2015: Earlier today, the architect and urban design firm for Moishe Mana’s proposed special area plan, Zyscovich Architects, presented the vision for 30 acres of development in Wynwood to the City of Miami.

The special area plan (SAP), known as “Mana Wynwood,” is a development proposal that serves as a cultural infrastructure framework for job creation and incremental growth. The proposal outlines a set of development standards for the southern end of the warehouse district in Wynwood, from NW 2nd Avenue to I-95, between NW 22nd Street and NW 24th Street. The standards are designed to cultivate and expand upon the character and culture of the existing Wynwood Arts District and will naturally contribute to the Overtown Community to the south. The SAP is a uniting force in which the multiple cultural identities of the former international free-trade zone can be expressed, resulting in an engaging aggregate of forms and textures.

A set of flexible uses will be the basis for building typologies designed to accommodate commercial, hotel, retail, industrial and manufacturing uses with live-work options. It will foster a naturally evolving urban composition in which artistic and creative innovation along with international trade can thrive. The concept is to invigorate the interests of South American and Asian business and trade within a neighborhood of arts and culture at the western end of the development. Mana Wynwood will serve as a nexus for traditional mom-and-pop shops, technical start-ups, creative class professionals, as well as media and technology hubs, and large retail establishments. Indoor and outdoor flex-space for exhibitions, civic engagement and entertainment will be integrated throughout the project.

Central to the plan is “Mana Commons,” a public square that will be activated by a diverse blend of a finely-tuned mixture of buildings that will define its edges. This open space will contain both landscaped and hardscaped areas designed to support special events like Art Basel and the popular Wynwood Art Walk. Expansive underground parking and dispersed surface lots will create a more walkable, bicycle friendly and lively district. The area will also include plazas for open-air retail, courtyards and pocket parks.

“Neighborhoods that were once disconnected from the street grid when the warehouses were originally built will be woven back into the city fabric,” said Bernard Zyscovich, CEO of Zyscovich Architects. He added, “Mana Wynwood’s new area plan also calls for the development of taller, mixed-use buildings near the edge of the I-95 Expressway to create a buffer zone between the elevated highway and the adjacent neighborhood.”

Wynwood has transformed as Miami’s up and coming neighborhood known for its ever-popular modern arts scene and burgeoning start-up community. The evolution of Midtown and the surroundings areas has enabled the Wynwood area to develop its own unique urban brand. Mana Wynwood intends to build upon this success and integrate with its neighboring communities.