Mana Wynwood Special Area Plan Set For Vote Next Week

Moishe Mana’s Special Area Plan for Wynwood is scheduled for a vote by Miami’s Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board on December 16.

If approved, the project will include 9,719,083 of new building area on 23.46 acres. It would consist of:

  • 3,482 residential units
  • 8,483 parking spaces
  • 51,146 square feet of civic space
  • 168,287 square feet of open space

The project will be built in six phases.

PreviouslyMana Submits Special Area Plan For Wynwood



SAP in full:

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6 years ago

8,483 parking spaces.. ouch…

Miami has an opportunity to move towards public transit… which people in this area probably want… but instead chooses to stay with the car.

wish they went with light rail instead of all the parking.

6 years ago

Parking is way cheaper than connecting to public transit

6 years ago

Mana is providing Parking. City of Miami has to figure out public transit. Mana is not going to wait for that which is smart.

6 years ago

It would be great to see a more encompassing community vision for crowd gathering and plaza development. Dundas Square in Toronto is a great example. The square is only one acre large and sees more than 300 events annually. Amazing community benefits and place-making. It is now the most visited location in Toronto and the heart of the technology, arts, cultural center of the city. That was proposed 12 years ago by an architect, embraced by the community. Property owners benefitted, City tax base benefited…a win-win proposition. Zyscovich makes few references to other great examples of amazing urban place making.

6 years ago

That is a lot of area there , but I’m so glad. This would be awesome for Wynwood.

Love Mana’s big project.

Yet Another Anonymous
6 years ago

Ouch full two parking spaces per unit even at this economy of scale. That’s bad. Bet some of the parking is rented out for general area parking.

6 years ago

I have been to Cafeina Bar in this area a few times and I think this project will improve the area tremendously. The only thing I wish is that Mana will enlarge the streets somewhat, as it is now they are extremely tight because people park on both sides of the many one way streets. Wynwood is going to be a great in the next few years and hopefully the Metromover will extend to include it, making Downtown and Midtown one awesome urban area.

6 years ago

Wynwood is great exactly because of it’s tight, relatively narrow streets that makes the area walkable – not in spite of them. Widening the streets would ruin it.

6 years ago

I agree. Widening streets just adds more cars. I either uber to the fringes and walk in or ride my bike in when it’s packed.