Map Of Every Miami Beach Street To Be Raised By 2025

Below is a map of every street in Miami Beach proposed to be raised by 2025 to prepare for floodwaters.

It will cost the city at least $400 million to fully implement the plan, which is already completed in certain neighborhoods.

Some residents are worried that the plan isn’t well thought out and could be doing more harm than good, in part by dumping water from the street onto private properties.

In Sunset Harbour, a restaurant flooded after the street it was on was raised. The raised elevation of the street reclassified the restaurant space into a basement by an insurance company, resulting in the denial of a claim for flooding (the city is fighting the classification on behalf of the restaurant.)

Pump systems installed as part of the plan also failed during recent heavy rains. They were knocked out by a power outage, resulting in worse flooding than before construction.

A study released by University of Florida researchers this month stated that flooding in Miami during recent years could be an anomaly.

From 2011-2015, Miami sea level rise was six times the global rate, which scientists say may have been temporarily caused by two large-scale atmospheric patterns.