Marlins Could Kill Soccer Stadium; Mayor Consults Lawyers

Mayor Tomás Regalado was apparently unaware of the rights that the Marlins have to essentially kill a soccer stadium next to Marlins Park, until Michael Lewis wrote about it in Miami Today last week.

Beckham’s partners were also apparently not informed of those issues by local politicians, who had pushed for the soccer stadium to be built next to the ‘tainted’ Marlins site. A tweet by Beckham partner Marcelo Claure hinted that he thought the article to be false.

Here is a list of the rights that the county and city signed over rights to the Marlins as part of the $3 billion scam, according to Lewis:

  • Soccer can’t sell naming rights until the Marlins have sold theirs first
  • Even if the hated Marlins do find a sponsor for naming rights, soccer cannot sell to a sponsor that might conflict
  • Exterior ads on soccer stadium may not conflict with any major Marlins sponsor
  • If Marlins sign a sponsor which conflicts with a soccer sponsor, soccer may not renew
  • Soccer stadium may not direct light towards Marlins Stadium
  • Soccer Stadium must mesh architecturally with Marlins Stadium
  • Marlins get to review all soccer stadium plans, specifications and leases before construction or lease execution
  • Soccer stadium construction may not interfere with any event or game at Marlins Stadium, starting from two hours before the event/game
  • Marlins have first choice on dates/times. Soccer may not begin until four hours after Marlins event/game ends
  • Soccer may not be scheduled from March 15 to Nov. 15 until the Marlins have chosen dates
  • Soccer must pay at least the rate that Marlins pay for parking, but Marlins have first choice on dates
  • Soccer stadium cannot have a ticket brokerage
  • Soccer retail cannot be a competitor of Marlins sponsors
  • Soccer stadium cannot have fast-food restaurants when the stadium is not in use
  • Soccer cannot have portable food stands or giveaways from three hours before Marlins game or event until one hour after
  • No outside company may sell Soccer merchandise
  • No Soccer stadium use may ever interfere with any parking, game or event at Marlins Stadium, even if not baseball related

Regalado consulted with city lawyers after the article appeared in Miami Today on Wednesday, but still thinks that ‘that all of these issues can be solved.’