Martin And Indian River County Vote To Spend Millions In Fight Against All Aboard Florida

Residents of the Treasure Coast are upset about All Aboard Florida’s plan to run dozens of trains every day between Miami and Orlando without stopping in their area, and now their leaders are taking action.

Yesterday, Indian River County voted to spend up to $2.7 million to fight All Aboard Florida (that’s 1% of the county’s budget). A separate vote was held yesterday in neighboring Martin County, where commissioners approved spending $1.4 million to fight the plan, bringing the total to $4.1 million.

Site work is already underway on stations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, where the plan has been well received.

The Palm Beach Post reports that the wording of Indian Rivers’ resolution was left intentionally vague to allow for a variety of uses, including lobbyists, lawsuits and environmental studies.

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6 years ago

I think the real issue here is not the nuisance of grade-level crossings, bridges possibly blocking views, noisy trains blasting through town or anything else like that.

The real issue is hidden in the words of the article above: “…Residents of the Treasure Coast are upset about All Aboard Florida’s plan to run dozens of trains every day between Miami and Orlando without stopping in their area…”

The counties want a stop, THAT is what this is all about. So if AAF would get creative and allow one in three or one in four trains to stop in the affected counties and build small stations there, I think that would solve the issue, pronto. Most of the trains could still be express trains between Miami and Orlando but maybe a quarter of them could make some extra stops along the way. That might actually work out better for AAF and FEI in the long run, from a profit perspective.

6 years ago

if they want a stop they should probably come out of retirement…

6 years ago

Clearly your populations are insignificant so just accept it and use that money on projects to benefit your county.

6 years ago

THAT’S the kind of attitude needed to find the best course of action when several municipalities can’t agree on specific projects; insult them.

If they have concerns about the crossings and the traffic backups, maybe the railroad should be elevated at some of these crossings. Maybe AAF, the State and the local municipalities can put together the funds to do this. Whoa, problem solved.

6 years ago

The residents would be angry that an elevated track would disrupt their views and reduce their land values.

6 years ago

The complain will mainly be for at-grade-crossings. That money, instead of fighting state modernization, should instead be spent in say…at-grade-crossings?
No wonder this backwards state is as a joke to the rest of the country.

6 years ago

The same kind of thing happens in every state. There is no place in this country where all human beings and all municipalities are automatically on board with every major project that can affect their community. They do not all suspend all possible complaints, questions, haggling, threats, lawsuits, etc, because they all want to step out of the way for the good of the whole state and for modernization.

I agree that what Martin and Indian River counties are doing is highly annoying and could be potentially destructive. But if Florida is somehow a “joke to the rest of the country” it is not because of this sort of thing because it happens everywhere.

6 years ago

The pile driving cranes have arrived at the Miami Central plots.

6 years ago

That is the best thing I have heard all day 🙂

6 years ago

What they should do is move the route over to i-95. This train does nothing for martin or Indian River counties.

Roger Davenport
6 years ago

This project is a loser. See:

FEC is only playing this game to get subsidies for their rail improvements (for their freight company) and bump up property values (for their real estate development business). They could give a damn about passenger service.

6 years ago

Frederic,you’ve hit the nail on the head,now let’s see if anybody is hip enough to understand this and avoid all the b.s. and lawsuits and make those folks up there possibly happy,save some money and gain a few customers.