A Newly Proposed Project Called Chateau Square Could Make Hallandale Beach Look A Bit Like Brickell

Could a project similar to Brickell City Centre (but with better architecture) be coming to… Hallandale Beach?

Developer Chateau Group’s newly proposed Chateau Square seems similar in many ways to City Centre, on a smaller scale. The plan calls for hundreds of residential units, office and hotel space, and a shopping center at the base shaded by a canopy that looks similar to the climate ribbon being built in Brickell.

Chateau Square’s architecture, however, appears to outshine City Centre. Chateau Group has hired UNStudio, a Netherlands-based architect, to design it.

Plans for the project call for twin 56-story, 604-foot towers with 800 residential units. At the base of the towers, an open-air, canopy shaded shopping center will be surrounded by smaller hotel and office towers. Nearly 2,500 parking spaces would be buried in the basement levels. An led-mesh screen would cover much of the exterior of the lower levels.

It would be built on an 8-acre site at the intersection of US-1 and Hallandale Beach Boulevard. The property neighbors Gulfstream Park, and is near a proposed Tri-Rail stop along the FEC rail tracks.

Chateau Group also owns two high-profile downtown Miami sites at 600 and 700 Biscayne, and they currently have several projects in Surfside and Sunny Isles Beach under construction.

Hallandale Beach’s Planning Department is reviewing the plans.




UPDATE: Images of the project have been removed at the request of the developer.




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Also looks like Brickell Heights.


Awesome,refreshing ,and no FAA.Maybe a beginning of something far greater than can be imagined.



But will it happen?
Skyscrapers seem a tad out of place in this area, then again only a few blocks south there is a Huge Horse and Dragon having tea.


Huge Horse and Dragon having tea
Hahahahahhahaa can not stop laughing )))))))


whoa nice


Most luxery towers will outshine Brickell City Centers Architecture. They are using the tried and true Brickell Key concrete block school of architecture.


Actually william with a lot of buildings going “Green” now you’ll most likely see a lot of architecture similar to the highrises of BCC around the country.


this site plan looks like it would be much more functional than anything in Brickell. I like it!


It’s about time this area came out of the dark ages! We need some sophistcation, glitz and glamour. Some signs of life, finally.


Yes hallandale beach needs this new project to go threw!


This would fit perfectly in the Capital at Brickell site. Just saying.

Not buying it

Don’t see anything special about it. Has nothing on Brickell City Centre, which at least has some personality. This has, what, curves? Ok..


Will the owners of Aventura Mall fight this too?


This density of this project is so out of place. The traffic on Biscayne is bad enough — this corner of US-1 and Hallandale Beach Blvd is a bottle neck. As it is, the retail component of Gulfstream park for the most part has been an underwhelming flop. The restaurants do well, but I just can’t see how the local area could support this.


You are worried about the lack of shoppers? I’m sure this can live off the overflow from Aventura mall.


It’s really not that out of place.


Suburbs in the sky


I wonder if some commenters really spend a fraction of second thinking before they post something.

Yo, suburbs cause sprawl, projects and towers like these prevent sprawl.

Got it, get it, good.