New Lawsuit Says David Beckham’s Bid To Develop Melreese Golf Course Is Illegal

Miami resident Bruce Matheson has filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent David Beckham and Jorge Mas from developing the Melreese golf course into a stadium, shopping center and office buildings.

The lawsuit was filed in late October. Matheson also filed a second lawsuit one week earlier that seeks to invalidate the city election for a strong mayor system.

Emergency hearings are being requested. If Matheson is victorious, the stadium deal and strong mayor bid could be blocked by the courts, even if voters approve in tomorrow’s election.

According to the Melreese lawsuit, city officials violated the city charter requirements for competitive bidding by placing the Beckham deal on the ballot.

A second allegation states that the ballot language used for the Beckham stadium question is misleading.




The Melreese/Beckham lawsuit:

Matheson strong mayor lawsuit: