Meet Biscayne Boulevard’s Latest Project, Auberge Residences

Related Group is moving forward quickly with plans to build at 1400 Biscayne.

Just two months after buying the site for $57 million, the developer is already advertising for Auberge Residences & Spa, a 60-story condominium project.

The project will be distinguished with ‘great public art,’ according to Related Group executive Carlos Rosso. It will be be managed by Auberge Resorts, similar to a sister project in Fort Lauderdale planned by Related.

Related will begin accepting reservations in the second quarter of 2015, with construction to begin by the fourth quarter.

Auberge will fall into the luxury category, with prices that will average in the low $700s per square foot. Units will have private elevators, among other high-end features.

Arquitectonica is the project architect.


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Not sure if “ultra luxury” will do well in this area. Over priced development in my opinion. Aria which looks like a luxury development is a few blocks away and on the water I think is asking for less than this. This could becomes Related’s newest version of Viceroy failure 2.0


Also, note how this building is exactly the same as Brickell Flatiron! Could it be Brickell Flatiron will be shelved and they are moving that design to this site? I wouldn’t be surprised. That site in Brickell is awful for the size of building they are planning.


I dont think this looks anything like the Flatiron building. This is another Arquitectonica wavy balcony box and the Flatiron is an irregular shaped tower made to fit in that irregular lot.


you’re right. my bad!


Great description! “..another Arquitectonica wavy balcony box…”

Also note that in the initial rendering that we see in the image at the top of the page makes it look as if the building is twisted and tilting at an angle, a la The Leaning Tower of Pisa.


The building may do well. This area is poised for a great renaissance. I’m just flabbergasted it’s another stupid, senseless
design by Architectonica. They forgot how to design architecture and are stuck in changing balconies. Enough is enough. One, two or 3 is cute but this is all they do now. Perhaps Jorge needs to take a break or change glasses


Great Building…probably priced well to compete with Zaha’s.
Good timing for the sign and the announcement…
Great views over the Arsh Center to the bay and Museum Park
Heard they are doing very well in Ft Lauredale…anyone has any info?


With all of these new developments, I smell a real estate bust.



Edin Coralic

Bill,this is a great design in a great location near Art Center, Museum Park,AAA….let’s be positive, Biscayne blvd. is more important to Miami than Brickell av.,or any other street.Just today I was at Miami design Center and it is absolutely amazing what is going on there,Miami becoming real global city ,hundreds of new designers, artist, architects, from all around the world cominig to Miami every year to work here,theyall looking for a place to reside so dont worry,you build and more will come,this is Miami man,MAGIC CITY,who wouldn’t like to be here?


Soon they will keep messing up the market and the bubble will pop.


Not to be picky but why is the building on such a drastic incline in these photos?


To give the illusion that it’s closer to the bay than it is.


Intern screwed up.


why does the architecture firm overuses that wavy design for everything.


They’ve had a design block for quite some time. Related should be working with another architect firm. This is all they do now. Everything looks the same….boring


Agreed. Such a great opportunity to do great ground up work in Miami where we have sites available and Related continues to just pop arquitectonica crap all over the place. If you don’t have the design staff to continue to be creative you have to continue to use old designs just to keep up with the work load.


At the rate that Arquitectonica is cranking-out these buildings, it is no surprise they don’t have time for design, let alone anything original. It is curious how in all these “urban” projects, the base of the building at street level is never shown. Most of them fail at making any real contribution to the urban fabric of the city.


Would take this over Melo any day. But come on, really? Another wavy box… There are other architecture firms out there.


Melo’s designs and projects progress, while Related/Arquitectonica regress.


If you didn’t call the crash last time, what makes you think you can call it this time?

JP is stepping back, Carlos Rosso is running with it, and he obviously has no eye for design. Expect more crap from Related and ARQ.

math wizard

(SLS x Brickell Heights) / (ARQ+RELATED) = THIS SH*T


Love the design
Hopefully looks like Regalia, one of the best buildings in South Florida.
Good to see more density being developed next to the Arsh and PAMM.
Definitely Biscayne Blvd will dense up and be the natural expansion of Brickell North.
Related has always been great at creating new neighborhoods..

Great for Miami


I really dont inderstand the negativism.
Looks as if sone people would prefer to live in the Miami of 1994 vs the Miami of 2014.
Talk about Urban renewal…go and walk in South Miami Ave..go and see the Ground Floors connected to all the sidewalks..Bond, millecento, SLS brickell with Michael Schwartz and Baazar from Jose Andres. 1010 Brickell, Flatiron, SLS Lux and Brickell Heights..
Great for Miami, great for all of us living here.
More people..more business ..more wealth to be created.


These aren’t your average everyday people being negative. Heck most people don’t even stop to think about how a building in downtown Miami look similar to a building in Sunny Isles Beach as the walk down the street enjoying their life. But you know the .01% of people who think they are architecture critics who will never build anything in their life have to go somewhere to feel good about themselves.


Books & Books following Related…opening today at the Arsh..great for Miami


Growth of Brickell is up North..well finally get our fantastic Central Park in Museum Park sorrounded by high rise bldgs


I cannot believe so many negative comments about the shape of the buildings.
when you have so many units and the footprint is not that large, you can only build so many different shapes to make it cost effective, besides when all the land is filled in, the activety in the area, and the atmosphere of the area, with the humans walking around is exciting.
You do need signature buildings, but not every building has the space around it to appreciate it


Awesome. Folks who say the site is bad are forgetting that Biscayne Blvd is a major thoroughfare of a major American city. Once it’s built up (Ugo Colombo will be building something great, as always, on the next block up north), prices will skyrocket. This building fits well, located well and hopefully will look great.


looks like regalia only rectangular instead of square…enough arquitectonica its making miami look awful anymore, thank god worldcenter went with someone different


Doubt Paramount Miami will ever be built…sales are doing poorly.
Views are terrible facing Marina Blue and to the West at the NAP.

They will join the list of projects that wont happen in this cycle (Canvas, Ion, Ten Brickell, Cassa Brickell and others wont get built for several reasons, but mainly because construction costs keep rising.

Brokers should look into this and figuring where to put their buyers and get their commissions paid.


Paramount sales are quite good. Not amazing but they have stated that they will start construction soon no matter what ala Brickell City Centre. Another broker in my office sold a unit there just the other week. The level of amenities is better then any building for ppsqft.

Ten Brickell I know for a fact has sold well as there are currently only a hand full of 1 Bedrooms and 3 Bedrooms left and a very limited amount of 2 Bedrooms left. They are over their threshold and is scheduled to break ground in about a month.

I don’t know about Canvas or Ion but they do have a limited amount of units available as well.

I think the project that most likely won’t be built so far is Edge on the River in Brickell. Intown in Little Havana also might not be built. Flatiron also doesn’t seem to be doing well but that project will still be eventually be built. If anybody has different info let me know….


Looking at the front page it looks like Cassa Brickell has already started as well.


Isn’t Brickell Ten under construction as well?


Cassa also just broke ground. Methinks Anonymous is uninformed.


Most likely just another dumb troll paid by a competitor.


They all are doing well. Once all these attractions open downtown these sales will be hot: miami world center, met square, Brickell citicenter.


Yeah, with oil and steel in freefall, construction costs are rising…LOL.




Look awful to who? Have you been to other major cities in this country? Get over it!