Megamind Gives Arquitectonica The Boot At Fairholme, Replaced By Rene Gonzalez

Arquitectonica is no longer attached to the Fairholme Foundation museum project on Biscayne Boulevard.

Instead, Fairholme is starting over with the design and has hired architect Rene Gonzalez to oversee it, the foundation announced this week.

James Turrell’s Aten Reign light installation and Richard Serra’s Passage of Time sculpture are still both planned to be included in the museum.

Fairlholme Unlimited, a newly created nonprofit, will keep the museum free and open to the public when it opens, according to the Herald.

Construction is hoped to begin in 2018. Plans are still in the conceptual stage and have yet to be submitted to the city.



scrapped arquitectonica design(s):





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That south of fifth glass tower is horrid.


Some context: The tower is completely out of scale with the surrounding neighborhood.


No, the surrounding neighborhood is out of scale with this tower.


Nothing wrong with a redesign.. make it perfect


Excellent Decision, was never a fan of the Arquitectonica hulking design.


Good, I hated that bunker looking thing…


Arquitectonica VS. Rene Gonzalez Round one.


I was wondering what was going on with this. Glad to know that it’s still on the chopping board! Now if they could only get it built with a nice design… finally.


Heyyyy… this design is iconic!

Wish they would keep and build it.


I’d love to see something that allowed views of the major artworks from the street.
A small daytime access public plaza is probably too much to ask, but wouldn’t it be great?


Serra’s piece is so large it could easily become part of the exterior facade, one morphing into another.


Going to be difficult to surpass that first design. It would have become appreciated with time. Of course that doesn’t mean any new concept can’t be even better.


We can only hope Gonzalez doesn’t screw up and make something uglier. His low-rise work seems to be predominately concrete box McMansions and cheap and nasty hotels with holes poked in here and there for windows.


I never thought I’d say this but Arquitectonica’s plan is way cooler.


Cooler than what?