Melo Buys Again West Of Arsht Center, An Area Where They Plan At Least 2,000 Units

One block over from the recently proposed Museum Club hotel and shooting range, Melo Group has acquired 35,300 square feet of land.

Melo affiliate Miami Plaza LLC paid $11.5 million for the property this week. The developer is also in contract to buy the remainder of the block, bringing the total to more than 1.5 acres.

Melo already owns a large chunk of land just to the south of the newly acquired property, where they are planning a 1,500 unit rental project.

Melo’s newly acquired properties are:

  • 1545 NE MIAMI CT
  • 1529 NE MIAMI CT
  • 1523 NE MIAMI CT
  • 47 NE 15 ST
  • 1502 NE MIAMI PL
  • 1546 NE MIAMI PL

4 RIL LLC, managed by Ivan Sherman, is the seller. Sherman is also the manager of the company proposing Museum Club.


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