Melo Buys More Land In Omni Area, Plans Another Residential Building

Melo Group is planning yet another new mixed-use development in the Omni area. Tentatively named 14 Plaza, it will include multi-family residential and ground floor retail .

Melo closed on the purchase of the property located in the Omni CRA area last month. In separate transactions, the developer assembled 1.2 acres for a total purchase price of $6.05 million.

Melo is also planning a separate, 500-unit project nearby called Opera Plaza.

A request to rezone the land is currently being reviewed by the city. Melo is requesting a zoning change from T6-24-O to T6-36B-0.


1410, 1420, 1424 & 1432 NE Miami Place, 1415, 1421, 1425, 1433 & 1435 NE Miami Court and 47, 55 & 67 NE 14th Street:

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