Melo Tries To Circumvent Zoning Rules For 650-Unit Tower

Miami’s Planning Department is recommending denial of Melo Groups’ application to rezone a site where the developer hopes to build a 650-unit rental tower.

Melo wants to rezone the property at Northeast 14th Street between Miami Court and Miami Place to allow for a 36-story tower despite the fact that all of the surrounding land is zoned with a 24-story limit. Melo paid $6.05 million for the 1.2 acre property last year.

Under the city’s Public Benefits Program, Melo would be granted a bonus to build up to 48 stories at the site by making a contribution of  affordable/workforce housing, Public Parks and Open Space, Green Buildings, Brownfields, and Civic Space or Civic Support space. By simply rezoning, Melo could avoid making any contribution while still building up to the desired height.

Miami’s Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board also recommended denial of the request, but the City Commission will consider it later this week.

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