Melo Group Request To Change Zoning Near Arsht Center Fails

Melo Group’s effort to up-zone land near the Arsht Center was indefinitely deferred by Miami commissioners last month.

The developer has been trying to change the zoning on a 1.23 acre property at 47 Northeast 14th Street for nearly two years, with little success.

Currently, Melo’s land and all of the surrounding properties are zoned to allow for a 24-story story building and 500 units per acre. Melo was requesting T6-36-0, allowing for a 36-story building.

Miami’s Planning and Zoning Department recommended denying Melo’s request, since it appeared to be just an attempt to circumvent the Public Benefits Program of the Miami 21 zoning code. The program allows for increased FLR and height (up to 48 stories on Melo’s property) by making a contribution towards affordable/workforce housing, Public Parks and Open Space, Green Buildings, Brownfields, and Civic Space or Civic Support space.

Another option for Melo would be to purchase TDRs from the owners of a historic property. By doing so, Melo could increase FLR and Height at a lower cost at a reduced cost.

In February, Melo Group said that they would begin work on a 760-unit project in the area in late July, after seeing strong demand for their 500-unit Melody project down the block.