Melo Group Submits Plans To Build Their Tallest Ever Tower: 58-Story Downtown 1st

Miami’s Urban Development Review Board is scheduled to review a new Melo Group proposal to build a tower in the Central Business District called Downtown 1st.

The tower is proposed to rise 58 stories, or 557 feet in total (the roof is proposed at 537 feet, with the elevator equipment roof rising 20 feet higher). That is the tallest ever for Melo Group, which has become Miami’s most prolific developer.

Downtown 1st will include:

  • 560 residential units
  • 2,925 square feet of commercial space
  • 12,930 square feet of office space
  • 453 parking spaces

A 14-story podium will be lined with office space on all levels that include parking space (floors 2-13). There will be synthetic grass adorning the garage on the south side, which faces ramps to I-95.

The 15th floor will include two pools on the north and south sides, as well as a fitness center and amenity space. There will also be air condition compressor units on the floor, along with five residential units.

Melo Group’s in-house architect is designing the tower.

The developer purchased the property at 34 SW 1st Street for $13 million in 2018. Zoning permits up to 80 stories.

The UDRB review is scheduled for this Wednesday.