Melo Group Tops Off 425-Unit Miami Plaza At 35 Stories – Fifth Tower In 3.5 Years

Melo Group’s 35-story Miami Plaza tower topped off last week.

A roof pour for the building took place last week, according to L&R Structural Corp.

Miami Plaza will include 425 apartments, 5,064 square feet of retail and 508 parking spaces.

It is the fifth tower that Melo has topped off in the neighborhood in three and a half years, including twin towers at Square Station and Art Plaza – all surrounding the School Board Metromover station.

Melo’s Art Plaza has 625 apartments in twin 35-story towers (completed in summer 2019). Square Station has 710 apartments in twin towers (completing spring 2018). The five buildings add up to a total of 1,770 apartments.

Melo is now moving on to even bigger projects. Foundation work recently began at their twin Downtown 5th towers, with 1,042 apartments, 1,049 parking spaces, and 12,506 square feet of retail.


Miami Plaza can be seen with the crane behind Art Plaza and Square Station:

(above photos via l&r structural corp)


Renderings of Miami Plaza: