Meridian Island Gardens Now Under Construction, Will Include 65,000-Square Feet Of Entertainment Space With Lady Gaga Concert Super Bowl Weekend

Watson Island is getting a new entertainment venue called Meridian Island Gardens.

It will open Super Bowl weekend with a Saturday night concert by Lady Gaga, which will be broadcast on AT&T TV.

Meridian Island Gardens will include 65,000 square feet of space over multiple levels. It is being built by Jack Murphy’s Consortium Entertainment, which produces Super Bowl parties annually in host cities, according to the Herald.

Vertical construction got underway last month. Permits filed with Miami’s Building Department say it has a $1.2 million construction cost, and claim that it is a temporary tent-like structure (although it appears that it is being built with steel).

The land is owned by city taxpayers, but is leased to a Turkish company called Flagstone in a deal well below fair value that dates to 2001. Following a recent court battle, Flagstone won the right to postpone construction of a complex they had promised to build on the site until 2037.