Metromover Station Closed Until Summer 2015, Will Be Connected To Brickell City Centre

The Eighth Street Metromover Station closed last Friday. It won’t reopen until Summer 2015.

Swire Properties is upgrading the station and integrating it into Brickell City Centre. Arquitectonica is the architect.

Below, construction photo and a rendering of the station.


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6 years ago

Miami 21, we hardly knew ya. Combined with the sky-walks this area will be a street-level dead zone.

6 years ago

You’ve got to be kidding me. This area is going to be packed with pedestrians. It’s not like City Center is the only thing people will be going to/from. Pretty much all the new condos going up have commercial in the ground floor.

6 years ago

What are the chances these guys help pay for the enlargement of rail on either the Metromover or the Metrorail? Currently, at this juncture, it takes me 45 minutes to go from 801 Brickell Avenue to the Brickell Metrorail Station. Once Brickell City Centre opens up, you can forget about ever, legitimately, using your vehicle to travel anywhere within this area again. They should be helping us promote and expand public transportation if they are going to cause vehicle use to become obsolete.

6 years ago

I’m glad to see the ever growing density in Brickell but the metromover line in Brickell needs to be lengthen in Brickell.

6 years ago

Everyone will know what stores/entertainment are on street level so if you are interested in visiting them or in need of you will. There is no reason to force people to street level to get across the street to where you really need to go. Why make them wait for a red light or even risk them crossing a street with much vehicular traffic? Also, with the amount of people visiting City Centre do you really want large crowds at a standstill waiting for a red light? You will just make the pedestrian sidewalks crowded and a hassle.

6 years ago