Mexican Restaurant Signs Lease To Open At Met Square

California’s Red O signed a deal last month to open an upscale Mexican restaurant at Met Square.

Red O, which features the cuisine of chef Rick Bayless, will have the exclusive rights for a Mexican restaurant at Met Square – but not an exclusive to sell fish tacos. The terms of the lease state:

Tenant shall have the exclusive right in the Podium to operate as a full-service restaurant (i.e., a sit-down restaurant with fully waited table ordering and table service by wait staff) selling Mexican cuisine other than on a de minimis basis (the “Tenant Exclusive”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord has advised Tenant that prior to the date hereof, Landlord entered into a lease with MetSquare Cinema, LLC (the “Theater”) pursuant to which the Theater has leased from Landlord various portions of the Podium (the “Theater Lease”). Landlord has further advised Tenant that the Theater intends to operate a multi-screen theater with a full food and beverage amenity (including alcoholic beverages) and which may include a full service, sit-down restaurant and bar. Therefore, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, Tenant agrees that the Theater shall not be prohibited from operating as a full-service, sit-down restaurant and bar and from selling any kind of food within its premises. In addition, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the foregoing, Tenant agrees that the sale of any Mexican cuisine by any other occupant of the Podium on a de minimis basis (e.g., a seafood restaurant offering “fish tacos” as a single menu item) shall not be considered to be a violation of the Tenant Exclusive.”


escalators in theater at met square: