MIA’s $87 Million Cable Car People Mover Is Now Open (Video)

Late last month, MIA opened a rebuilt people mover system to the Central Terminal’s E Satellite gates.

The E Satellite is the only terminal at the airport that passengers cannot walk to. While construction was ongoing, buses ferried passengers to the main terminal.

The new train is built by Leitner-Poma and operates like a cable car. The cars are attached by a cable, which spools up on the side of the track. Max speed is about 24 miles per hour during the short trip (just 1,230 feet). Just one track is open for now, with a second scheduled to open in early 2017

MIA spent $87 million on the rebuilt system (the tracks were already in place but the old trains became unusable). Mitsubishi, which operates two much faster and more modern Crystal Mover systems at the airport, lost out on the bidding by a few million dollars.

The plan is to eventually demolish the train system as part of the Central Terminal rebuild.



E Satellite construction, will eventually include an A380 gate: