Miami Beach Mayor Wants To Remake 41st Street As A ‘True Town Center’

Miami Beach’s 41st Street may be getting a makeover.

Mayor Dan Gelber says the road has been neglected for decades. He has assembled a Master Plan Committee for a redesign, and is asking for your ideas.

City commissioners are also considering possibly relocating Beach Link from the MacArthur Causeway to the Julia Tuttle Causeway, which potentially could move a mass transit connection from the more densely populated South Beach to the Mid-Beach area.

Whether or not a full redesign moves forward, there are at least three immediate changes that need to be made to the roadway configuration, in our view:

  • Removal of on-street parking – Aside from wasting valuable space and being ugly, the street has become too busy to have drivers pulling in and out of traffic to park. Convert it to sidewalk.
  • Removal of traffic signals at mid-block pedestrian crossings – the timed red light signals are inefficient. If there needs to be a crosswalk, it should be marked with crossing signs instead
  • Reconfiguration or removal of bus-stop lanes – bus drivers frequently don’t bother to use them


Dear Fellow Resident,

Although 41st Street, also known as Arthur Godfrey Road, is a primary access point to our City and the central boulevard in mid-Beach, it has never been a true town center for our residents. Candidly, it has been neglected for decades.

This week I empaneled the 41st Street Master Plan Committee to create a plan that will help reimagine this important boulevard in ways that I hope will make it more usable to our residents, enhance its aesthetics, and transform it into a true town center in mid-Beach.
The members of the Committee include business and property owners, merchants and interested residents. They are:

Seth Gadinsky, Committee Chair
Betty Behar
Michael Bernstein
Yechiel Ciment
Francisco Diez-Rivas
Eric Hankin
Jerri Hertzberg Bassuk
Robin Jacobs
Kayla Rynor
Jeremy Wachtel

The Committee will work closely with City staff and a professional planner. The Committee will not be responsible for originating all the ideas that will ultimately be implemented.

That will be your responsibility. The Committee will convene workshops in mid-Beach with residents and merchants to develop an approach that revitalizes the street and enhances its amenities. But it will need your input and ideas.

My belief is that if we can develop true town centers in our City, we can alleviate much of the congestion and enrich our sense of community. Arthur Godfrey Road should be one of those centers.

Thanks for your interest in our community.


Dan Gelber



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Come on home Bezos
3 years ago

The whole point of baylink would be to move as many people as possible to reduce traffic making MacArthur the clear choice especially passing through the new jungle island that’s getting a massive makeover. Ideally bot caueways would have mass transit but these knuckleheads in office can’t even get one going…

3 years ago

First you need to get rid of most of the car as 41st street is just a thru road to get to other parts.

How about some real vision, Miami Beach?

3 years ago

Good luck getting NIMBYs to support proper transit to the island, and county mayor Gimenez actually supporting it over his carnival ride proposal, or half-assed Metromover, BRT, or virtual train bullshit.

3 years ago

That is the attitude that gets nothing. So much technological change is happening now that it is best to get something done cheaply. So the California HSR supporters dismiss the Brightline but South Florida has something and California will most likely never get anything.

3 years ago

Why is Seth Gadinsky the board head? He owns and represents little on 41st, his only contribution to the city of Miami Beach is allowing Walgreens to pollute South Beach while he gets rich. Nepotism at its finest.

3 years ago

Not is simply not true. He owns a lot of office on 41st Street. Relax.

3 years ago

This is a natural street to be activated as a Main Street, most of what it needs is already there. It will require a revamping of some of the tired existing retailers, restaurants, cafes, etc..and some new ones. The Roosevelt Theater is a little gem that has been abandoned for years.This should be brought back to life as an art film cinema or live theater.

3 years ago

Wow, how myopic. Seth is on the board because he has practical real estate knowledge, and has the experience and finesse to lead this effort, same for Betty, Robin, Kayla, Jeremy, and Yechiel (as are the rest). All of them have extensive knowledge of the area, know the local vendors, and understand the real estate – at least well enough to counter the “anonymous” comment about changing the “tired” restaurants, business’s, and cafes. If you want to hate, move someplace else.
As to Baylink: I-395 is the better choice to move most South Beach visitors in a straight line to where they want to go. If the committee decides to move to 41st, it is because it would benefit both Mid-Beach, and South Beach. Maybe a light rail for Mid-beach, Baylink for I-395. I’d like to hear the ideas and the reason’s behind them. Whatever the case, the City of Miami will have significant input, as will Miami Beach, and Miami-Dade County.
Traffic is an increasing problem, and will get worse. Now is the time to do something constructive (pun intended), proactive, and make the entry into Miami Beach worthy of it’s status.

3 years ago

A Town Center that is closed on Saturdays because of the neighborhood demands will never fly. The street parking slows traffic…a positive thing.

3 years ago

Why not? It’s a town center for the neighborhood. It’s largely closed on Saturdays because the residents of the neighborhood observe the Sabbath.