Miami Beach To Revise Lincoln Road Master Plan

The city of Miami Beach is proposing new and modified design elements as part of the Lincoln Road master plan.

A letter from the project’s construction manager stated that the proposed changes include:

  • A revised design for the trellis at the entrance to Lincoln Road from Washington Avenue
  • The Euclid stage is proposed to have a colorful mosaic floor, instead of the grass currently in place and earlier plans for a wood deck
  • More landscaping, thanks to larger planters
  • Folly lighting changes

The city’s Historic Preservation Board is scheduled to review the changes at a meeting on June 12.

James Corner Field Operations is overseeing the design.


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These changes seem good. I have proposed that a small kiosk be set up on Lincoln Road to sell tickets for the non-profit cultural organizations in Miami Beach (e.g. Wolfsonian Museum, Bass Museum, Jewish Museum of Florida).


And another kiosk to sell newspapers,magazines,cigarettes.


“the colorful mosaic stage” on Euclid intersection does not goes neither with the 1950’s neither the 2017 or 2020’s. It is ugly.

The other designs are better. or save the money and leave as it currently is. Or used that money to connect Lincoln road all the way to the beach


Nice update to Lincoln Rd. .. I would suggest hiring musicians and hosting outdoor events.


Cheap shops, too touristy and overall lackluster. Prefer design district and BCC


For sure


Completely antithetical to the original historic design of Lincoln Road.


Yeah, just keep a 1950’s look and watch crowds stampede over each other to get there. shessh…some people really can’t handle change.


Yeah because nobody like mid-century modern 1950’s design…only the most popular design trend in history lol.


“antithetical”? Theoretically it is the exact same thing, architectural follies in a street. It is “aesthetically” different yes, but not antithetical. they seem to have made a few changes from the last time that are more related to the original and less “wynwood-y”.


I don’t need a lecture on the proper use of the word antihetical. As I clearly and correcty said,, the proposed changes are antithetical to the original historic design of Lincoln Road created by Morris Lapidus. The Road needs a historically accurate and respectiful renovation, not a fluff job by the designer of the High Line, which is a phenomenal project. However, due to the success of the High Line, a hundred cities around the world have hired Field Operations to design their own version of the High Line. Lincoln Road has a phenomenal successful historic design of its own and we don’t need to go fawning over Field Operations to give it a High Line, Under Line, whatever line transformation.


OMG, are they putting more of the ‘heal & ankle breaker’ floors???? instead of fixing the one on the 1100 block????? Really???? ????


Lincoln Rd is dead