Miami Beach Unveils Plan To Create “Downtown” In North Beach

For years, Miami Beach’s North Beach neighborhood has remained depressed relative to the rest of the city.

Now, planners have revealed Plan NoBe, which aims to revitalize the area.

The proposal includes turning 71st street into a “downtown,” with new zoning that would permit building heights of up to 12 stories.

Some areas would be designated historic, with property owners able to sell air rights to fund renovations.

The proposal was revealed by planners yesterday, and is scheduled to presented to the public at a meeting tonight. Read the full proposal here:



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5 years ago

the good: Dover Kohl has put together a beautifully prepared document, dense with valuable information. They really did a great job. The design of the street is the way it should be, the “European model” of highly calibrated for multiple modes of transport. The graphics are great. Its very enjoyable to read and look through.

the bad: I find the aspects of the historic preservation way too aggressive, there is a sort of anti-development theme here. I think it completely locks in and protects mediocre architecture for arbitrary reasons under the guise of “historic” designation. In other words it is limiting the ability of current owners to develop their property to the fullest extent they can and monopolizing other properties, probably owned by the members of the ‘blue ribbon council’, where the most lenient development rules will be applied. It’s an over reach. It’s anti-American anti-capitalism to restrict the freedom of private property owner to seek the best return on their investment and develop their property the way they see fit.

The area has major gridlock and this plan will ultimately make it worse, they only way a viable downtown happens here is by reducing traffic speed, especially around 71 street and Normandy where people generally fly at high speeds around there.

This plan is hoping to attract new residents, the mythical “young urban professional” presumably white collar folks who work in downtown and other places. Unless those jobs move to this neighborhood, unlikely, they will still need to schlep a great unbearable distance to get to work. I don’t see a great influx of those folks here, especially if they will live in buildings restricted in size and parking and everything else they need to work and function in Miami.

Oh yeah and there is sea level rise, this plan will not even get close to being started by the time the water rise comes and undermines the ability to secure financing and insurance.

5 years ago

Why is there no discussion at all of connecting the Miami Beach light rail to North Beach? Seems like public transportation should be a logical component of this master plan, if it is really serious.

5 years ago

Excellent idea.. a lot of pontential and value in that neighborhood.

5 years ago

“The Lofts at SoDoSoPa”