Miami Board Approves 275-Square-Foot Micro-Units

Developers could soon be allowed ultra-small apartments in certain parts of Miami.

Yesterday, the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board voted unanimously to change the Miami 21 zoning code to allow for micro-units sized at just 275 square feet within Transit Oriented Development areas.

Parking will be reduced or eliminated. Normally, developers in Miami are required by code to build parking spaces for every unit, with the code setting a minimum needed for each unit. When building micro-units however, the code will provide for the reverse, with a maximum of one space per unit (and the option to not build any at all).

Miami-Dade County code requires minimum units sizes of 150 square feet per single occupant and 250 square feet for two occupants. Florida building code established a minimum of 250 square feet for two occupants, with a kitchen and bathroom required.