Miami-Dade Is Airbnb’s Top Market In Florida, By Far

Miami is the clearly the top market for Airbnb in Florida, according to newly released data from the company.

Property Owners in Miami-Dade and Broward are earning more from Airbnb than the entire rest of the state combined.

Earning from the top seven Airbnb markets in 2016:

  • Miami-Dade $113 Million
  • Broward $28 Million
  • Osceola $18.3 Million
  • Orange $14.3 Million
  • Pinellas $12.3 Million
  • Palm Beach $9.5 Million
  • Monroe $8.5 Million

In total, Airbnb guest arrivals in Florida are up 114 percent year-over-year, with some neighborhoods like Midtown Miami up 430 percent this year.

Airbnb’s Florida headquarters is in Midtown Miami, with a staff of 15.