Miami Doesn’t Have Enough Spare Hotel Rooms To Host The NBA All Star Game

Why has the NBA not held an All-Star Game in Miami since 1990?

The main reason is that area hotels are booked solid on Presidents Day Weekend and don’t have enough rooms to spare, Miami Heat executives told the Sun Sentinel.

For the past few years, the NBA has made clear that they are interested in holding the event in Miami, but the executives say that it doesn’t look like it will happen soon.

The league gets extra TV exposure over Presidents Day Weekend and wants to keep it that way. The Miami International Boat Show and Coconut Grove Arts Festival are scheduled annually on that weekend, and February is generally one of the busiest months for hotels in Miami.

Even if some of the events could be rescheduled, it won’t happen in the next few years. The game will be held in Los Angeles in 2018, and will likely go to Charlotte in 2019. The league has already ruled Miami out in 2020 due to the Super Bowl scheduled to be held here.



(photo: phillip pessar)

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Sounds like the NBA needs Miami more than Miami needs the NBA.

Who has the leverage?


This seems like it was a statement that comes more from the Miami Heat specifically wanting to host the event. perhaps they see it as a sort of “recruiting” tactic to entice star players to sign with the Heat. Also, I assume, the heat will also get a nice cut of the ticket sales by hosting at the arena. The issue of leverage is an interesting one. I am guessing the leverage is which event brings in more money and more exposure to the city. I don’t count the coconut grove art fair because I believe this is more local event. so really this is between the boat show/sobe wine and food fest and the all star game. Which event between the two would bring in more people and more exposure? I would rank them from top to bottom #1. Food Festival, #2 Boat Show, #3 NBA. I love basketball and am a basketball junkie but I don’t see the all-star game generating the hotel demand that can compete with the boat show or the food fest, I don’t see it competing even with Ultra. Also remember college spring break is around this time as well. To me the NBA… Read more »


New Orleans hosted it this past weekend during Mardis Gras… I can’t imagine that it was easier finding a room in NOLA this weekend than it would have been to find one in Miami


Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me. The Miami metro area has hotels everywhere you turn thousands and thousands of hotels.You cant tell me every last hotel room would be bookered for the Allstar game!


yeah but they are not looking simply for rooms at Motel 8 or Howard Johnson, they want Prime rooms, like the Fountainbleau or W, Or Conrad etc. It’s a celebrity / high roller event


Miami needs that Convention Center…and fast!

Christopher Johnson

The NBA wants to be the top banana, but lags behind the snowbirds, the boat show and the art festival in competition for upscale restaurants and hotel rooms.

Christopher Johnson

I smell a rat. Over one hundred million people visit Florida each year. And Miami is located closer to more international markets than any city in America. The Miami metro area has more hotel rooms proposed or under construction than most NBA cities. And a New rail system that will connect the Orlando metropolitan area with West Palm Beach, fort Lauderdale and downtown Miami by the end of 2017. It appears to me that the metro area has ample accommodation for an all-star game.

Trump MAGA!!

Don’t worry Trump will build thousands of hotel rooms…




So many hotel rooms, you’ll get tired of hotel rooms…..


How can Drumpf build anything with those tiny hands of his?


So many rooms, big beautiful rooms. There will be so many rooms it’ll make your head spin.