Miami Is The Second-Fastest Growing Big City In America, Study Says

Miami is growing faster than almost any other city in America, a new study shows.

Personal-finance site Wallethub studied 515 cities, using 15 relevant metrics to compile the ranking. Large cities with 300,000 or more residents were ranked separately.

Some of the metrics included college and working age population growth. Also measured were job, income and GDP growth rates.

Data was provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources.

The top 10 fastest-growing big cities in America in 2018 are:

1. Austin, Texas

2. Miami, Florida

3. Seattle, Washington

4. Charlotte, North Carolina

5. Denver, Colorado

6. Fort Worth, Texas

7. Henderson, Nevada

8. Nashville, Tennessee

9. San Francisco, California

10. Atlanta, Georgia



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Come home Bezos!


Number one is Austin, the biggest contender for HQ2, so go figure.


Northern Virginia is the most likely destination.


You’re probably right but you never know!!


I just been to Austin (honestly). Horrible dump. Doesn’t hold a candle to Miami. No way will Bezos be going there.


Very few cities in the US can hold a candle to Miami.
Have you been to Dallas? Houston?


Nah, we do not need more low paying jobs here….Amazon it’s just another glorified Monopoly that can go abroad.


Agreed fastest growing with one the lowest paying jobs in the country


Let’s keep it that way. Today’s workers are lazy.


Faster growing with the crappiest mass transportation in the whole list.

Miami Hurricane

Corporate doesn’t pay low:


What? Janitors at HQ2 will be paid more than you.


Amazon’s minimum wage is now $15 that’s almost double Miami’s we’d be lucky to get a company like that




I believe it …. just study the intersection of biscayne and 36th……half the new people are stuck there….!!!!!


Please god stop coming here. Its full.


If you left, that would make room for one more. Good riddance!

Dan The Man

I used to live in Denver and I can say that it has grown a lot but the slow down has already begun. I am shocked to see Miami ranked so high although in so many other rankings Miami is always closer to the bottom. Let’s get to #1!! ?

Kevin Kingtana

Team Miami. Born and Raised. Traveled around the world and no place like it. Lets keep this place full of life. Love everyone that makes this place beautiful.


It’s because of our broad middle class economy, excellent public school system, and excellent public transportation. Miami is the standard setter for the rest of the United States.


Take this person to Jackson for observations.


Shut up Carlos Gimenez. Go back to building your highway to nowhere.


True, there are a lot of uneducated people here (by here,I mean this forum).

Miami-Dade Public schools are some of the best public schools in the US.
Over 95% are A, B, or C schools. ZERO are F schools.
Better than Broward, and better than Palm Beach County.
Miami has extrodinary private and magnet schools as well.


Miami Is The Second-Fastest Growing Big City In America, Study Says…
Just for you own information the title should be this way:
Miami Is The Second-Fastest Growing Big City In United States, Study Says
Just saying….


Who are these demographers who publish studies like this using municipalities instead of metropolitan statistical areas? Seriously, I want to know so I can tell them they are doing their job wrong.

The reason Miami appears so high on this list is the same reason it ranks at the bottom of a lot of other lists. Miami-Dade consists of 35 municipalities and South Florida consists of over 70. The only other American cities with a similar number of municipalities are New York and LA, which are way bigger.

If you look at Metropolitan Statistica Areas, Miami still ranks high but it’s not the 2nd fastest growing city.


Huh? Boston, Philadelphia but have very large number of municipalities in their MSA.


They’re still not comparable. The City of Boston makes up 15% of its metropolitan statistical area (MSA) and Philly makes up 26%. The City of Miami, representing just 8% of it’s MSA, is the lowest of any city in the country. The only principal city that comes close is Atlanta at 9%. Also, if you look at growth rate by MSA instead of municipality, Miami ranks 11th (as of 2017).


You know there is a difference between Miami proper and Miami Dade County… Miami proper doesn’t have any municipalities only neighborhoods like coconut grove and little Havana…


Thank you, thank you, thank you! The population in a region doesn’t stop at the imaginary border between two minicpaloties, counties, or even states!


It does in NYC. The city is very distinct from its suburbs and no one can live in one and claim the one. The out of town mindset y’all have is weird to an NYer. I just hope Miami proper builds itself up enough to be distinctive from generic South FL burbs.


Half right. The top rank city is a farce. It take up nearly the entire county. It ten times the size of Miami in land area. It has only bare land around the metro. Miami metro is less than two hours from naples/fort myers, Orlando, and the Bahamas. If you group the four cities that share boundaries surrounded with miami; miami would be ranked number one.


I think you’ve misunderstood my comment. The City of Miami represents just 17% of Miami-Dade County and only 8% of South Florida. By area, Miami represents less than 1% of the urban area of South Florida. That makes it almost guaranteed to be an extreme exception in American demographic studies. For this reason the federal government has defined Metropolitan Statistical Areas. These areas are considered to be the best measure for American demographic studies. Lots of cities in the US are two hours away from other cities but Miami is quite different in this regard.


Actually NYC is one municipality consisting of five boroughs, or counties: Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island.

But close!


Look idk if Miami is number 2 but I have lived in Miami for 32 years and we are getting overcrowded faaaaast. There are so many new housing developments and traffic is slowly but surely getting to LA bad. Look at an arial map of miami from the 80s and look now we have almost reached the Everglades with new housing. Only a matter of time til there are homes surrounding the park.

Michael McMahon

Best thing ever in Miami they got rid of the old white people !!!! They relocated them to Boca or palm or Naples . 60+ crowd complains about everything!