Miami Job Growth Nearly Double Rest Of U.S.

Miami is the second-fastest growing metro area in the U.S. for new jobs, according to a federal report.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that in October 2017,  the number of those employed on nonfarm payrolls in Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach increased 2.4% over the prior year. Only Dallas grew faster at 2.7%.

Miami’s growth rate is nearly double the rest of the U.S., with national job growth reported at 1.4% during the same year.

Overall, payrolls in the Miami area were at 3,142,522, compared to 3,085,377 the year before. Unemployment was just 3.9 percent, compared to 5.1 percent in October 2016.

According to Miami Today, the fastest growing categories for new Miami jobs were education and health services (18,000 new workers), trade, transportation and utilities (8,600), professional and business services (7,700), other services (7,600) and construction (7,500).


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Amazing! Now we just need the salaries to come up a bit and we’re golden!


If these were high paying jobs we would probably have double the office space being built in DT. But as we all know most of these jobs are either construction or services jobs that probably don’t pay above $15 per hour. So…taking that into consideration it like we created half the amount of jobs at $30 dollar per hour rate and are just keeping up with the national average on per hour basis.


i cant understand the absence of office tower development in miamis urban core…everytime an office building actually is built its leased in no time at all…if quality office space existed here higher paying jobs would follow… especially from northeastern highly taxed cities that will rush to cities offering lower or no tax consequences should this tax bill pass

Mr. Smith

Except that many construction general contractors, for tax reasons, classify their workers as 1099 contractors not employees on payroll.


Future downtown is looking sexy af!


Miami is only getting better.

Chunk Deezy

I wouldn’t classify more buildings and more people as better


Night and day difference.. for the better.. I’ve been here 40 years and have seen the progress and economy grow… but yes more people and cars… more Spanish for sure.


Many in Miami suburbs (including Mayor Carlos Gimenez) strongly oppose commuting trains


If you were here for 50 years, you would say for the worse, but it has been getting better for the past 15.


Love that future building next to MWC. Nice design.


Great progress is being made in the Miami area where there are jobs being created. Hope this trend keeps up. Now, yes wage growth needs to go up as the cost of living has gone up too much compared to wages.


I hope the state and federal government realizes those and start sending money our way to build trains, tunnels,and do better infrastructure work that our city desperately needs to be the best it can be.


Republican congressional leaders, and Rubio, are already talking about Medicare & SocSec “reform”, aka cuts.
Not likely that we’ll get any help from Washington for infrastructure any time soon.


Actually a massive infrastructure bill is coming you zero integrity leftist.


Aren’t public infrastructure policies leftist by nature?


Public-private aren’t necessarily, as long as commitment exists to build. Big government is usually too corrupt and incompetent to get shit down. Look at California’s HSR compared to Brightline.

Yohan Perez

I don’t see the Brothel in the rendering. Where did the E11Even go?


If only the transit system was any good.


THANK you president TRUMP!