Miami Moves Up In Ranking Of Most Important Cities For Ultra-Wealthy As Chinese Move In

Miami has moved up in the closely watched Knight-Frank survey of cities that are most important to ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

In the survey, Miami ranks sixth in the world, compared to a seventh place ranking in 2014. In the western hemisphere, only New York ranks higher.

The report notes the ‘huge waves’ of investment flowing into Miami from Latin America. In addition to condo developments, investors from Latin America are now diversifying into commercial investments in the city.

New sources of investment are also forecast for Miami. Private investors from Hong Kong are likely to follow developer Swire into Miami. Miami is also now ‘firmly on the radar’ of wealthy investors from mainland China.


Knight-Frank top 40 most important cities to UHNWIs in 2015:

  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Singapore
  5. Shanghai
  6. Miami
  7. Paris
  8. Dubai
  9. Beijing
  10. Zurich
  11. Tokyo
  12. Toronto
  13. Geneva
  14. Sydney
  15. Taipei
  16. Frankfurt
  17. Moscow
  18. Madrid
  19. San Francisco
  20. Vienna
  21. Milan
  22. Los Angeles
  23. Jakarta
  24. Munich
  25. Amsterdam
  26. Mumbai
  27. Dublin
  28. Johannesburg
  29. Istanbul
  30. Kuala Lumpur
  31. São Paulo
  32. Mexico City
  33. Berlin
  34. Washington DC
  35. Boston
  36. Cape Town
  37. Auckland
  38. Buenos Aires
  39. Rio de Janeiro
  40. Tel Aviv

Source: Knight-Frank Global Cities Survey



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305 broker
6 years ago

Hopefully we can start having some real chinese and asian restaurants in the area..

6 years ago

Why is Miami courting Chinese? Why is this a good thing for the area?

-Different culture
-Different language
-Different religion

Other than for those in the RE industry how is bringing in people from 1/2 way around the world a positive for this community?

6 years ago

Does the word Xenophobia mean anything to you?

6 years ago

Nice try, but why not try to answer the question?

6 years ago

What question? That you are xenophobe? So it’s ok to have Latin Americans, and Europeans move here, but not Asians? Miami has become an international city, and the last time I checked this was still America. We welcome everyone, whether they are Cuban, German, Italian, Colombian, South African, or Chinese.

6 years ago

They speak the common language of money.

6 years ago

“Other than for those in the RE industry how is bringing in people from 1/2 way around the world a positive for this community?”

If they were still here, the Tequesta indians could say the same thing about YOU.

Edin Coralic
6 years ago

Anonymous ,there is no sense at all, in what are you talking about.Go find your rock.

6 years ago

Yes, God forbid Miami becomes as ugly and alien looking as San Francisco.

6 years ago

People lets face it tgis is not the old scareface miami anymore known for drugs and crime and just a party city this is the new miami an welk be known for more with one of the most diverse cities in the world a mixture of all nationalities a place in the near future where you can not only have a nightlife an fun at the beach but will be the best place to shop eat and be entertained with theme parks and casino a place not just for adults to party but you can also vacation with family its already happening this is called GROWTH love it or hate it its going to happen rather you want it to or not

6 years ago

Plese lern to rite! or not.

6 years ago

The city is willing to accept property taxes from any nation.

6 years ago

Xenophobia aside courting high net worth people from around the world to Miami will only fuel the boom which in turn as we all know will result in another spectacular bust. The developers and realtors will scuttle back to their holes and the wealthy will return to one or another of their homes and we the community will suffer through it all again.

6 years ago

We need some Indians as well!!! I need my Indian food fix!!! Lol… The more diversity the better we become!!

6 years ago

love how this went from a discussion about urban development to ethnic profiling and racism, not to mention NONSENSE discussions about “Scareface” Miami and other off topic issues…yeah, that just leaves the impression that Miamians are NOT xenophobic AT ALL right?!

6 years ago

Don’t know about the “xenophobia” of Miamians but I do agree with 305 broker and Anonymous about more and better Chinese and Indian restaurants.

6 years ago

There are Miamians who are xenophobic, and there are Miamians who are not xenophobic. There are different people in this city, just as in every other city on Earth. On the whole, Miami is probably less xenophobic than 90% of other places. Your post which implies that people of Miami at some point claimed to be completely bigot-free is nothing but an immature, maximalist nonsense.