Miami Officials Approved Twin 51-Story Downtown 5th Towers Last Month, & It Is Now Under Construction. Here’s A Full List Of Waivers & Conditions

Downtown 5th was given the green light by Miami officials last month, and documents obtained by The Next Miami show exactly which waivers and approval conditions are part of the approval.

The twin 51-story towers are already under construction in downtown Miami, with the project set to become the biggest residential project ever in Miami’s Central Business District.

Miami’s Urban Development Review Board voted unanimously in June 2019 to deny approval, but Miami city planners are not required to follow the will of the board.

A total of five administrative waivers were granted, with an increase in lot coverage from 80 to 88% topping the list. All five waivers were deemed appropriate by planners.

Downtown 5th will include 1,042 dwelling units, on a lot where 1,609 units are permitted by right.

A total of 1,558,231 square feet of floor area is being built, where 1,682,238 square feet are permitted.

It is also on a lot where 80 story towers are permitted, and the developer is building 51 stories.

The full list of conditions and waivers can be seen below.





(Construction progress last week via L&R Structural Corp.)


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Build higher P**sy


Then take over as the developer instead of telling them what to do, pussy.


DENSITY is coming to downtown.


love the arcade at the ground level!!!, much needed shade!!


They waivered the ugliness of the project itself. However, it will bring a transfusion of life into a desolate area of down town.


Hopefully, there will be realistic width sidewalks, overhangs and street trees to provide shade with this project. Forget the waivers. We need a list of do’s or forget the project.


Let’s see. Required 10′ setback. Waiver approved for 0′ setback. My guess is no. They clearly prioritize parking for cars (need that space for the giant parking podium) over space for people at street level.


isn’t it better to walk on the shade, given the fact that we live in Miami and its about 105 degrees on summer days, just thinking………….


I hope Melo buys more lots and build on them, they providing the needed rentals and infill for this city.


Add office space and build higher


By right they have a additional 100,000+sqft


Miami’s Urban Development Review Board

What a waste of taxpayers money.

Rene Gonzales

it is most definitely a waste mainly because we have inept BOARD MEMBERS, reviewing projects they themselves hardly understand. Let the developers, Architects and mainly “THE MARKET” decide whats good for the city!!!


Chair of the Board is the Architect for Okan right next door. Wonder why it was unanimous? Wonder why Melo doesn’t care about their decision?


Because “Miami city planners are not required to follow the will of the board.”


I thought this was a down cycle? Wild.


Not for Multifamily.


Melo not playing.. foundation is ready and cranes in place.


you mean he’s not already on the 6th floor ??!!


The building is welcomed in the area, but man this is ugly even for them…


It’s just an apartment building, it’s not trying to win the architecture of the year award.


The architects that design apartment buildings aimed at the lower income bracket clientele in Chicago or New York know that those projects won’t clinch them a Pritzker, but the finishes make them pleasant to look at. It’s a cultural thing. P.S. Not referring to section 8 housing.


Great! Let’s make it happen!