Miami Could Partner With Developer To Build 196 Units In Brickell

Brickell’s Fire Station Number 4 could be redeveloped with a 21-story tower, under an unsolicited plan proposed by a developer.

Southside Place, LLC owns property adjacent to the station, and wants to combine it with the fire station property to build a mixed-use project.

Under the proposal, the developer would replace the fire station with the 21-story tower. There would be up to 196 residential units, ground floor retail, parking, and a new 31,078 square feet fire station.

Miami would share in profits on the new residential units. Commissioners are scheduled to vote on the deal on July 13.


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What happened to the BCC fire station?


This sounds like a decent deal for the city of Miami. Hopefully there are no surprises lurking in the minutia. After reading the agreement TNM graciously posted, it certainly looks clean. Not sure what they expect in returns with 5% profit sharing…? But it does look clean…


2nd needs more retail – very dark at night


Since it’s owned by the public, hopefully the city will be demanding workforce housing.


The developer owns the residential part, and the City owns the fire station. It’s in the document.


This will be the best fire station in the City.


Good luck with those sirens at night!


See p. 10 of the proposed agreement


It doesn’t what it says in the document. I live 2 blocks away from fire station one in DT and it wakes me up all the time at 2 am or later and I live on the 32nd floor with impact glass windows and doors. Trust me when I tell you that it will be a problem for the tenants and owners of that building.


NEGATIVE !!!!!!!! All city/government property suitable for residential shall be developed for real affordable housing with a reasonable profit to the developer !!!!!!!!!


Guess they will never have to worry about a fire. I would imagine there would be a lot of noise every time they get a call. Not sure if I would be ok with that right under my unit.


Not sure about the idea of a developer building something as important as a fire station, especially such an inexperienced one. Cheers.


Zaha Hadid’s first building was a Fire station, and it is very cool.
I would rather have the private sector building government buildings than the government building private sector buildings.


zaha hadid’s fire station eventually was abandoned from it’s initial use as a fire station because it was so impractical for the operation of the facility. Government’s biggest problem is the inefficiency of the bureaucracy but they spend more money and have a more robust level of specification versus the private sector which is really a code name for “cost reduction”. Private sector may seem more efficient but quality suffers because by definition the private sector’s main focus is reducing cost to increase profitability.


it’s really a glorified garage with sleeping and cooking accommodations. not rocket surgery.


Knock down a cool building and change it for another white stucco dump. If we get what we deserve, what did Miamians do so wrong?