Miami Produce Center Gets First Approval From Board

Miami’s Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board voted yesterday to approve the Miami Produce Center Special Area Plan.

According to the submittal, the project will include:

  • 1,237 rental apartments
  • 227 hotel rooms
  • 230,886 square feet of office space
  • 128,971 square feet of commercial space
  • 22,176 square feet of educational uses
  • 1,094 parking spaces, mostly buried in two levels underground
  • 57,129 square feet of civic space
  • Around 1,355,467 square feet of development, up to a maximum of 2,877,288 square feet of FAR

Bjarke Ingles Group is the architect.

The project will now be sent to the city commission for final approval.

The full development plan is below.





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Best project in Miami rn. Let’s goooo


I wouldn’t say the best, but certainly great for the area.


The best for working class people. Not millionaires.


In the last render, it looks like a scene from a science fiction movie.


Great to see another transit oriented project.


Love this project!


What!!!.. no boo-hooing about parking yet?


If what they say is true, mostly underground, then that’s a plus.


But it’s near a Metrorail stop.

Ricardo Bofill

These are very glorified schematic images. These look very much like the Super Block Housing Projects of Caracas in the 1960’s or worse yet Soviet Housing on stilts. The next round of design will be critical. BIG will need to incorporate design criteria principles that work best in sub-tropical climate.


Totally agree. Brutalist at best, lack of scale, seems like an interplanetary jail


This fantastic project is the result of talented architects and smart developers not having to deal with stupid height restrictions or a whole bunch of bored upper east side old fart white retiree acting like the own the city.


please, lots more to life than height.


Why do you have to bring race into this??


Because unfortunately, predominantly white coastal neighborhoods have played a big role in Miami’s (and Ft. Lauderdale’s Victoria Park) Urban cores redevelopment. They have the time and the money to aggressively to “convince” our commissioners to stop any project they consider will affect their property values.
Do you want specific examples? I have tons of them


again race is not needed. also when you start with ‘predominantly’ usually better left unsaid.


Co-Living finally coming to Miami!!!


Ummmmm….. X Miami has co-living


Literally Pie in the Sky. buildings held by 12 storey tall columns??
will be so expensive to build that to justify costs they will have to charge rents that no one could afford rents there.
never will get built.


This project would work well in Little River.

Shawn Kouri

I have a feeling that since this is built on stilts, I feel like some of it is going to collapse. Remember the bridge collapse at FIU? I’m worried that that could happen to this one. It does look like a candidate for modular construction however because of its architecture.


Bjarke IngeLs


Not Bueno!!! When I saw Miami Produce Center I was thinking an open space market (kind of like the one they do on Sundays on Lincoln Rd) with people selling fresh products, fruits, vegetables…kind of like La Boqueria Food Market in Barcelona, Spain.