Construction Worker Shortage Caused By Real Estate Boom, Developers Say

If you are unemployed and have any construction skills, please report to the nearest job site immediately – contractors are desperate to hire you.

Miami’s construction boom has triggered a labor shortage that is driving up costs for developers and contractors. It may have contributed to some projects being delayed or shelved, while also causing developers to focus on more expensive, luxury projects.

The latest evidence of the difficulty in finding workers comes from Stephen Owens of Swire Properties, the developer behind Brickell City Centre. Owens told reporters yesterday that contractors are short about 300 skilled workers at the project, although there are a total of 2,400 now working there.

City Centre contractors are said to be paying more than what Worldcenter developers have pledged to pay laborers in a subsidy deal with the CRA. Unions have tried rally support for their organizations by demanding labor concessions from Worldcenter, including local hiring demands, as part of the subsidy deal. Those concessions may be moot however, thanks to the lack of available workers.


(photo: phillip pessar/flickr)