MiamiCentral Adds Tenants, Unveils New Website

All Aboard Florida has unveiled two new websites for MiamiCentral and CentralFare with new information and renderings of the project.

New details include:

  • The twin, 800+ unit residential towers will be called Park Line Living.
  • Central Fare, which is being called Miami’s first food hall experience, has been expanded to both the first and second level and will now include 50,000 square feet. Opening is scheduled for late summer 2017
  • New tenants announced this week at Central Fare are Della Bowls and Parliament Espresso. Also announced last month was a 10,000 square foot restaurant called Monger by the Voltaggio Brothers.
  • Events planned for Central Fare include Cheese and Wine of the New World, Bourbon Tasting, and Yoga in the Hall.


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Outstanding and once there’s some sort of line to the beach it’ll truly be a transportation hub. Hope this spurs MWC to pick up its pace with the other towers like Luma, Marriot, and others included in phase 2.


Game changer!
People in this city have no idea this is even being built. It will be completed, then they’re going to be like “when did this open”. Miami World Center, Convention Center, Innovation District. This is going to be hands down best urban area in South Florida. Can’t wait!


It already is by far the best urban area in South Florida. Actually, the ONLY real urban area in Florida


any word on Brooklyn Bowl? Downtown is desperate for a mid-sized concert venue to fill Grand Central’s void.

They’ve already expanded to Vegas and London, with a Chicago location in the works. It was included in the list that was posted on TNM a few months back & promptly deleted…


What is mid-sized, and what do you mean by “desperate”.
There are a half a dozen concert venues within a 1/2 mile or Metrorail stop from All Aboard.
1. holds 7,500 on the waterfront.
2. Hard Rock can host Brooklyn Bowl sized concerts on the waterfront.
3. The Arscht Center has several venues ranging from 250 top 7,500
4. The James L Knight Center has rooms of 4,500 and 3,200
5. Ice Palace has hosted concerts
and I’m missing the bars and the halls offered by MDC

The supply is definitely there, it’s probably that the demand isn’t there.


I’d say mid sized is under 3,000 but bigger than a club. I couldn’t see most of the acts that performed at Grand Central performing at the places you’ve listed for the most part.


Soon Miami will be on par with Chicago.


Hmmm. Not sure about that. Chicago has 2.5 million people in its city limits and 9 to 12 million people in the metro (depending on the source). Chicago also has a great mass transit system that include local rail, commuter rail, and buses. You can get almost anywhere in the metro area using the transit system. Miami is growing fast and becoming a great world class city quickly. It still has a lot of growth and infrastructure to build to catch up with Chicago.


When you exclude the everglade from Metro Miami. 6.1 million people are living in an area about one third the size of Metro Chicago. Miami would need Fort Myers, Naples and Fort Pierce metros to be comparable in size. This is one of the reasons Chicago has difficultly serving the need of it people. ie police and urban blight.


Miami is already on par with Chicago. We have better weather, less crime, less taxes, more waterfront homes, Bahamas nearby, more yachts, Cuba nearby, more casinos, South Beach, the Pegasas Cup, three cruise ports, three international airports, the most expensive mall in the country and soon to be the largest mall in the country. Also there are more super towers (1000 feet in height) scheduled for construction than Chicago, Houston and Atlanta combined.


Mass transit system ?…


Interesting, they’re still showing that one supertall tower in their unit diagrams but in that new overhead render it looks like it might indeed end up being two different large towers, the second of which would be built on the new lot that emerges from the straightening of NW 1st Ave. Also of note, the parking garage that used to appear on top of the Government Center daycare is gone.


No street retail, pity.


Nice project for this isolated area….. progress will spread for suburban areas…….


I wonder if the land swap with the City is moving forward? For the very southern end? That was a good idea for both the project and the city. Increases circulation of traffic around the site and also keeps the large building connected to the main transportation plaza…


Why can I not see West Palm Beach to Miami on right now