MiamiCentral Supertower Could Become One Of The Tallest In The U.S.

All Aboard Florida has been calling one of the planned towers at MiamiCentral a ‘supertower,’ and it could could become one of the tallest buildings in the country.

According to a recent filing with the FAA, All Aboard Florida wants to build the tower as high as 1,120 feet above ground (or 1,131 above sea level). That would make it taller than any building that exists or is under construction in the U.S., outside of New York and Chicago.

It also won’t be the only tall tower at MiamiCentral. At least one other high rise at the site is proposed to rise to 840 feet above ground.

Site work is already underway at MiamiCentral and the first phase will begin full construction soon.

The tower at MiamiCentral is one of several that are vying to break the 1,000-foot mark in Miami. The FAA has been reviewing a tower at Brickell City Centre that is proposed to rise 1,040 feet above ground for over a year (Swire has already reduced the height from initial plans that exceeded 1,100 feet). Tibor Hollo’s 1,005-foot One Bayfront Plaza has also been under review for nearly a year. Hollo’s Panorama Tower is under construction and approved at 822 feet, taller than anything currently in Miami. Also, Jeff Berkowitz has started site work for the 990-foot SkyRise Miami tower.


MiamiCentral project data (filed earlier this year):

  • Office Space – 1.155 million square feet
  • Residential – 1,111 units
  • Hotel – 327 keys
  • Retal – 177,400 square feet


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If the train station under the Super Tower is successful, will we need a Federal Aviation Administration any more?


I guess it doesn’t hurt to try but this is dead on arrival at the FAA.


I think height would be great for downtown office towers although I will note that others have tried and did not meet much success in building > 1,000 feet in Miami.


1000 ft FAA district is further south they are in the 709 ft district.

david m

actually, the height limit is sort of good- a few superblock supertalls burning all the demand would be harmful to miami’s current boom. Better for real life in miami to have 3 million square feet spread over 30 buildings than over 3, like in detroit (not to make the comparison).


Interesting prospective.

Yet Another Anonymous

This is exactly the idea I have advocated.


Good luck! Would love to see a 1,000 footer!


If the FAA has no problem with that comical looking Skyrise structure, then they shouldn’t have any problem with this and the other supertalls proposed for Miami.


i think this is right for the area the central business needs a boost like the one this project would provide it is important to have connectivity between brickell city center and miami world center or we will be faced with an abandoned central district between two malls

Miami is going to be the economic capital of the western hemisphere, it would make sense to have an iconic tower Downtown. FAA has little to say about this Dave its outside the flight path I believe.


“actually, the height limit is sort of good- a few superblock supertalls burning all the demand would be harmful to miami’s current boom.” – david m

That is speculation based only on your opinion. You have no idea or facts as to how high or low the demand is for Miami at this present time.


I think by just about any standard you can argue that demand in Miami is high. What David M is saying is that he believes spreading out demand over many city blocks is better than letting it all go to one supertall. This is not speculation or fact, it is his opinion about what the growth of the city should look like, and I tend to agree with him.


Um dgm, david m stated a specific fact; a few superblock supertalls burning all the demand would be harmful to miami’s current boom.

How does one quantify that?

david m

uh, how about by the simple realization that there’s a limit to demand and a finite number of units that miami can absord this cycle. burn 1m square feet on a super block super tall and, if those sell out, you’re talking about decreased demand at other sites.

my thinking is that it’s better for miami to develop across the board, cover these surface lots everywhere, build streetscapes worthy of the name, etc. so it’s not so bad that the FAA sets these limits.


Um, david m, the only things that dictate market demand is the economy and price, not supply in the cycle. The last boom in Miami turned to bust not because oversupply as some people like to say, it happened because we had a worldwide recession, or as some say, “depression.” Right now developers are selling a “New Miami” and whats going to dictate how far they can go will depend on the economy in this country as well as around the world, and price, not their worrying about a “few Supertalls.”

derpy derp

So what you’re saying is… you’re a realtor.