Miami’s New Double Deck Highway: How It Treats The River Underneath, And A Construction Update

Miami is building a new Signature Bridge and double-deck highway. Will it bring any improvements to the river running underneath?

That was the subject of a meeting of the Miami River Commission yesterday.

Florida Department of Transportation representatives were in attendance and submitted a presentation stating that building of a new riverwalk was not a part of the construction plans.

The new double-deck highway won’t impede future construction of a riverwalk though, the presentation states. While new piers will be constructed to support the roadway, it will utilize the same footprint as piers already in place supporting the current highway.

The double-deck highway will allow traffic to or from the 836 heading towards Miami Beach, the port tunnel, and I-395 to bypass local traffic exiting or entering I-95.

Preliminary construction of the $802 million Signature Bridge project is already underway, with major construction expected to begin in February or March of 2019. Construction of the pier along the river will begin in August or September of 2019.



The full presentation at yesterday’s meeting: