Miami Is Near The Top Of American Cities In Globalization Rankings

How international of a city is Miami?

According to a recent study, Miami ranks at or near the top of America’s metro areas in several key areas:

  • Miami is the top-ranked large metro area by percentage of foreign-born population, with over 40 percent of residents from abroad (triple than national average). New arrivals from overseas continue to flock here, with Miami ranked second for new residents from abroad in 2015 (1.9 percent of the population having arrived in the previous year alone).
  • Miami ranks second among large U.S. metros for foreign-born residents with a bachelor’s degree or above (41.4 percent) or advanced degree (39.4 percent). Miami also ranks second among large U.S. metros for foreign-born share of its high-skilled creative class (38.9 percent). Miami ranks ahead of New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco on all three metrics, with only San Jose ranked higher.
  • Miami is the seventh ranked U.S. metros for exports, with $33.3 billion in goods and services exported in 2015.
  • Miami was the top ranked metro for international freight in 2016, which includes the amount of merchandise goods, commodities, and cargo that transported internationally.
  • Miami ranks by far at the top of any metro for international passengers passing through the airport per capita. When not adjusted for population size, only New York ranks ahead of Miami.



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