Grocery Store Coming To Midtown Miami At Newly Approved Midtown 6

Midtown 6 was recently approved by city commissioners, and a grocery store on the ground floor is part of the plans.

On February 23, Miami’s commission voted to approve a MUSP for Midtown 6, as well as a Class II Permit for Midtown 7.

Architect Grace Ames of bKL Architecture told commissioners that the ground floor of the towers will have a grocery store, as well as shops, cafes restaurants and cafes, according to Miami Today.

Plans for Midtown 6 show nearly 40,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. However, the space is divided into four, with the largest at 21,988 square feet, which is about half the size of a typical full sized Publix supermarket.

The proposed towers are across the street from the stalled Midtown Walmart, and in between the newly opened Midtown 5 and under-construction Midtown 8.