Midtown Land Owner Placing Height Restrictions On Chiquita Apartment Buildings

The owner of the Chiquita property in Midtown Miami is imposing a height limit on the apartment developer buying the land.

Apartment developer AMLI Residential has a contract to purchase the site from Midtown Opportunities. The contract limits the height that AMLI may build up to, Miami Today reported.

Midtown Opportunities owns the land just west of the site and appears intent on preserving view corridors. Rendering’s for AMLI’s project shows taller towers to the west, but nothing has been submitted to the city yet for those sites.

Most of AMLI’s 700-unit apartment complex will rise to a maximum height of eight floors, with a small part of the complex rising to twelve floors.

At a July 15 meeting, members of Miami’s UDRB were critical of the project’s design, which was prepared by Zyscovich Architects. The architect has been working with city staff for nearly eight months, but members criticized the project’s bulkiness and lack of definition.