Midtown Miami Getting Another 700 Apartments At Chiquita Property

Booming Midtown Miami has attracted the attention of a national apartment developer. The result could be yet another massive residential project.

AMLI Residential, controlled by Morgan Stanley, has filed plans to build a 12-story, 700 unit project on the former Chiquita Banana distribution facility in the Midtown Miami area. Plans also call for 1,185 parking spaces.

AMLI has a portfolio of over 20,000 rentals nationwide, and is in contract to purchase the land from an entity controlled by Alex Vadia.

It would become the largest of several rental projects in Midtown. Midtown 5, under construction on adjacent property, will include 400 units. Across the street, a partnership is planning a 300-unit apartment project called Midtown 29. Countless other projects are underway or planned within blocks.

AMLI’s proposal calls for a project that is well below the density and height that is permitted on the property. Plans also call for about 10% more parking than is required by code.

City officials have been reviewing the plans over the past several months, raising several concerns including pedestrian access into Midtown. In addition to a walkway, city officials may want a pedestrian bridge over the All Aboard Florida/FEC railroad track. Miami’s UDRB is scheduled to review the project this month.

Zyscovich is the project architect.


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Sounds great, love the height, hate the amount of parking.


Yup. It’s a shame the Coastal Link, which would have a stop at 36th and 2nd ave , isn’t further along in development. That would have certainly affected the number of parking spaces required in this area. It is cool that there can possibly be a pedestrian bridge over the tracks in to Midtown proper.


I agree. Coastal Link seemed to be lost in the discussion of bring Tri Rail downtown… CL will have a much larger impact than bringing Tri Rail from the airport downtown.


True but you can’t have one without the other.

NE 2nd Ave - FEC train stop

The FEC needs to put a train stop on this site and on its Right-Of-Way. A train stop belongs between NE 29th and NE 31st as NE 36th St is now impossible due to congestion. 1,185 parking spots is not enough to serve all the residents and all the customers.


Holy shit ! Double amazing!


They did a good job concealing the parking from the public with units. Nice work Zyscovich!


finally, rentals in midtown.


Sweet. Vadia does pretty well job on these mid-size apartments.


That’s 12 stories?


are there any images of the rear? Site plan ?


Midtown is well on it’s way to becoming a soulless with no charm no character forbidden mash of suburban concrete. Probably why they did not include pedestrian access. Where is the park in this community. Where does your pet relieve himself. Where do the children play.


Suburban concrete?

Greg H.

I Agree …to much concrete can we build this out of straws? Also let’s draw some of the character of the neighborhoods around and put Barb wire outside all the windows. What else could be added to this project ? On to the next post!


“Where does your pet relieve himself?”

The developers are getting right on it. They’re are going to design an exact replica of the “Miami Circle Park” so everyone’s dog can urinate and deficate on it in total splendor….just like the dogs do in Brickell.


Have you ever been to a city before?