At Missoni Baia, 190 Foundation Piles Equivalent To 2.3 Miles In Length Now Installed

Crews have been busy building the foundation for the Missoni Baia condo tower over the past few months.

In October, a groundbreaking celebration that featured a scantily-clad saxophonist on a flyboard marked the start of construction.

Since then, crews have installed 190 piles totaling 12,160 linear feet (or the equivalent of 2.3 miles), and 150 tons of steel reinforcing bar. They have also poured 1,035 cubic yards of grout and concrete. With pile drilling complete, pile cap installation will now begin.

Developer OKO Group and partner Cain International are financing construction with equity. The partners have completed over 20,000 apartments worldwide.

Missoni Baia will be a 57-story, 649-foot tower with 249 units. Prices average $900 per square foot.

A recent BBC article states that Baia was the Roman Empire’s “sinful city,” where Rome’s “rich and powerful came to carry out their illicit affairs.” At least one resident had his own nymphaeum – a marble grotto dedicated to earthly pleasure.



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The biggest sin is its architecture, a big f-ing box.

Anonymous everything else in Miami, boring as crap.


You and the other anonymous above don’t have to buy a unit in this building ya know. And if it takes the look of a building to get you excited, you must have one boring life.


I might not have to buy a unit in this building, but I sure as hell have to look at it and sigh at the missed opportunity and fact what was here before looked better, cleaned up of course.


“I might not have to buy a unit in this building, but I sure as hell have to look at it”

Get a life dude!


Sorry for being concerned with architectural standards, something which the city is supposed to uphold for a good quality of life.


LOL – this video literally shows one guy aimlessly walking around an entire site promoting ‘construction progress.’


Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat and we don’t end up at the bottom of the sea.. LOL


oh we will. At the rate this is going.


Rate its going ? Its barely going up.


Looks like the Aston Martin building ground breaking was a bunch of hoopla since this broke ground later and is moving much faster.


They both broke ground in October and the Aston Martin tower is a much bigger development. Naturally this would be further along.


I walk across the Brickell bridge everyday. No work has been done on the AM building yet.


LOL what are you, a Cervera representative?


LOL what are you, an OKO Group representative?


Did Cervera get fired from Aston Martin yet? Worst company in Miami.