Mixed-Use Megacenter Brickell Proposed Next to I-95

A company called Megacenter is planning to build a 12-story mixed-use project at 420 Southwest 7th Street and 427 Southwest 8th Street.

The project will be mostly self storage, but also includes other uses:

  • 74,790 square feet of storage
  • 45,080 square feet of residential (57 units)
  • 16,670 square feet of office
  • 9,134 square feet of retail
  • 111 parking spaces

Although the project is just below the UDRB review threshold of 200,000 square feet, it will still be reviewed by the board next week to permit parking on a second level above a ground floor with glass treatment.

Megacenter is a subsidiary of Chile’s Red Megacentro. The company offers office, warehouse and self storage space in Chile, Peru and Miami.

Reinaldo Borges is the project architect.

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Sweet. I have been waiting to find my new apartment with a view and aroma of I-95 inside a self storage building. My life is now complete.


lmao !!


You will be surprised at the type of people that will get an apartment in a place like this. I can imagine that the design will be close to how a loft will look an people love that type of design.


Love the response. And in “Brickell” too.


It may be in Little Havana but I still like it.

Luis Herrera

Borges, great! Finally a building not designed by Arquitectonica! I was going to propose to change the name of Miami for Arquitectonica City.

R Borges

Thank you!


A lot of funny and sarcastic comments but this would be the first building on the other side of I-95 at this particular intersection. Looks like Brickell is about to move west, one block at a time.


I think the building looks beautiful and very functional.
To that comment, nothing better than a multi functional area to live on top of…
Obviously, he’s never been outside of the U.S.
Guess Disney World would be considered exotic to him/her….


very nice!…just the start of what will be a very different neighborhood in 5 years


LOL This is in Little Havana.


The developers will soon rename that area “West Brickell” LOL




I was about to say the same thing…”West Brickell” sounds so much more classy tho…


Well they may also call Brickell East Little Havana since hardly you heard English spoken in both sides of I-95


The original neighborhood name is “Southside,” which also encompassed most of “West Brickell” today and up to Miami Avenue. The Little Havana name is hardly relevant anymore as most the population isn’t of Cuban descent. I’ve always considered it a colloquial name for the area, albeit the city begs to differ, as evident with “Little Haiti” over “Lemon City.”

miami 1

Too bad the developers couldn’t assemble the whole block…hope to see more developments like this one move west from Brickell into LH, make it the new Wynwood!


What you’re implying is completely at odds with what Wynwood is all about. I assume you mean Midtown in general and maybe Omni.


This includes the car wash and the site just west of the gas station..? What about the gas station?


We need to see more development west of I-95, but please not in place of the beautiful historic building stock. Ideally, any land assembly should involve as few historic buildings as possible while creating a consistently-shaped site, and new development should have good architecture and street interaction at the human scale. I find too much going on with the aforementioned proposed building, and wish the service station was included in the development.


Building looks really cool.


Design train wreck.