Mixed-Use SoMi Station Planned At South Miami Metrorail Stop

A developer is planning an 8-story mixed-use project at the South Miami metrorail station after winning a county bid to develop it, according to the Herald.

SoMi Station will include 195,000 square feet of Class-A office space, ground floor retail, 99 units of student housing, and 650 parking spaces. A Loopnet listing gives an occupancy date of September 2018, with office rents at $33-$35 a foot.

Perkins & Will is the architect, and TREO Group is the developer.

The project is one of several transit-oriented developments planned along the track, as developers bet that residents would prefer to ditch their cars.



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Love the height and the design.
It will be great for the area.
Coral Way between the Mile and Brickell should get more projects like this…


We need more projects like this near metrorail stations along the line to increase ridership and be less car dependent.


this looks AMAZING…


Meanwhile, the county is cutting Metrorail hours…


The Metrorail needs to expand! The cost of Uber Pool or Lyft Line is only $2 or $3 more than the cost of metrorail fare. That’s door to door service. No wonder metrorail ridership is falling.


metrorail stops should have something similiar like this.


Those aerial shots really show the potential for redevelopment along the US 1 corridor. It has been stagnant for many years but that will slowly change, first along the Metro stations. Exciting times.


Have you guys been on the MetroRail during morning hours before work? Or after 5 PM? It’s an absolute nightmare – full of people, poorly managed train arrivals / depatures. Every train that arrives requires pushing and shoving to get in. And they want to add more density without working on increasing vehicle count and / or improving scheduling? The County should worry about fixing this problem FIRST before trying to put a new, shiny coat of paint on a shitty car…what a joke


New trains are coming quite soon. They’re testing in Medley.


They are but staggered over a while.


they are?!?!?!?!?!?!?! sounds too good to be true!

City Commissioner

Building looks great Overall, but is does not seem to do anything different at Street Level other than storefront.


We need pedestrian overwalks for US1. Make the developers of these train station towers pay for it.


We need road diets and curb bulbs at intersections to make street crossing easier at US1.


Yes.. more projects like this are needed.. let’s do something North of downtown… all the stations especially after the Civic Center.


I could be wrong but I could’ve swore this was for sale on Loopnet not to long ago.


County using it’s proximity to the rail station to compete with local office and retail landlords. Don’t see why the county is getting in the real estate business. Cheers.




Do you have any idea how real estate works?