Moishe Mana Is Now A Billionaire, Thanks To Miami Property Boom

For the first time, Moishe Mana has been added to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, with a net worth estimated at $1.1 billion.

Most of Mana’s fortune is invested in real estate.

In downtown Miami, he is said to have spent more than $300 million buying properties in the past few years.

He is also the largest landowner in Wynwood, Miami’s hottest neighborhood, where he owns more than 40 acres.

Mana was born in Israel, and came to the U.S. in his mid-20s. He once wrote on Facebook that he came to the U.S. as an illegal alien by overstaying his visa.




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invasive species

Congrats to Moishele. He can now use this article to show all of the girlies at all of his parties but what has he actually DONE for Miami? Get him outta town…..


He’s a dolphin–a Flipper


Land shark, boomer sooner….not a developer


Moishe Mana being from Israel … I wonder how he feels about that Facebook picture after the guy with him, payed billions of dollars to Iran just to postpone the nuclear weapons!!!
No wonder he’s buying land in Miami and not in Israel


completely irrelevant

Sidney Blumenthal

…and grossly inaccurate…not paid. It was Iran’s Billions that was help in sanctions…what an ignoramus ‘Ilovearchytecture’ has exposed itself to be…may be he/she should stop listening to equally ignorant morons like Trump.


Sanctions that would stop the nuclear program that now is in full motion…
May be I’m the only Jew that don’t agree with Obama’s attitude towards Israel …. But I digress


INSULTS, that is the best tool liberales use for someone that dissent and refuse to accept that lifting Iran sanctions is going to prevent those lunatics that hate us and Israel to build nuclear weapons
I guess that insulting an person and linked her to Trump ( i Dont vote,by the Way) and I don’t sympathize with trump

Let’s hope Iran use that money to good use, that is what naive people believe, like Minister Chamberlain in England in 1937

And Mr Blumenthal if you are Jewish ( which by your last name I assume you are) you should ask for forgiveness today for using insults on an nice lady that the only thing she did was to express her opinion and not blindly agree with every presidential desicion


Now I understand the insults
Coming from a propalestine activist and a progoverment journalist Clinton aide

You should change your name from Blumental to something more apropiated like Arafat ( although i don’t think anybody will like to be name like an criminal and promotors of international terrorism in the 80’s that build a large whealth and became a millionaire at expenses of the suffering and killing of people)


Not to get side tracked, but the interest paid without congress approval? Laws, bahaha who needs those.


He brags about breaking the law by overstaying his visa and talking crap about Trump, who actually builds and talks about actually enforcing laws. If CROOKED HILLARY wins, Mana should be her HUD appointee. He a slumlord in Brooklyn, and give it time until he will be considered such here, too.


Another proof that our market in booming!