Moishe Mana To Demand 30-Year Tax Abatement, Says Development Will Take Time

Moishe Mana is preparing a “package of demands” from the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County, according to a new interview in the Biscayne Times.

The demands will include a 30-year tax abatement, a reduction in parking requirements, changes to the impact fee structure, and tax incentives for new businesses moving to the City of Miami.

Other highlights from the interview include:

  • At times, “Mana doesn’t seem so sure when he’ll be taking his Cinderella to the ball” and developing his properties
  • “Sometimes I wonder myself if I’m just like a shopaholic,” Mana said. “Like women will go buy bags, I like to buy buildings.”
  • Mana complained that his taxes have “tripled”
  • Amazon has been leasing a 50,000 square foot warehouse from Mana in Wynwood for Prime Now delivery
  • Mana blames President Trump for instability that has delayed and “almost closed down” his plans to develop in Wynwood. He also says he would not have bought in Miami to begin with if he knew Trump was going to be elected
  • He has signed a MOU to purchase 1000 acres in Panama as an alternative location for his trade center
  • He might leave America altogether if Trump is reelected, at least for some time


Update:  Moishe Mana has released a statement in response to the interview, saying he is working daily to make the project a “game changer”