Multi-Level Retail Center Planned On Fifth Street In South Beach

A large new five story retail center is in the works across from Publix-anchored Fifth and Alton in South Beach.

The BLVD at Lenox is proposed to include 64,930 square feet of retail space, along with 218 parking spaces.

It will replace Ivy Nightclub at 1045 5th street, and an adjacent building being used by an exotic car rental company.

The project will require approval by Miami Beach’s Planning Board as it exceeds 50,000 square feet, and is scheduled for review in September.

Comras Company, owner of the nightclub, is listed as the developer.

Zyscovich is the architect.




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Jose Gabriel

This is great news!!! I hope they let this project move forward.


somewhat nice project by old bernardZ. That painted grid pattern on the garage floor is basically a copy of Arquitectonica’s parking garage on Purdy Ave. Also the “wood” panel elements seem without context, just kind of thrown on there last minute just to satisfy a DRB comment. The “wood” stair tower is nice though. That street is going to be completely choked to death with traffic with two major parking garages dumping people on a minor street. It’s already a mess Just with the Lenox building.


Very nice project


People bitch about traffic every proposed project but when the project is built you dont get the traffic everyone expected. We live in the city no matter what form of transportation we have it will still be traffic no matter what. We cant stop projects from being built because who knows when better public transportation will be available. I would have to say Miami and Florida in general is the slowest at doing anything when they know we are one of the most visited States in the country. This is Miami whats taking the powers that be so long to take this city to the next level starting with better public transportation?


Looks nice. Unlike the abortion across Lenox.


The City cannot be serious about mass-transit if every large project approved has hundreds of parking spaces.


Outstanding design!!

Why? There is too much retail in south beach already and not enough residents.


Where is club IVY going?


its not great news if youre a resident here…..the traffic nightmare that is occurring in southbeach should force all residents to demand city leaders stop huge developments here until light rail is complete and operational….this city is dying a slow painful death for anyone but partygoers….


I do not live in South Beach but I completely agree with you. A rail system connecting it to the mainland it is not only desired but badly needed.


I drive to the beach all the time and it’s not terrible.. use the I-195 and Venetian Causeway.


you know which place has THE BEST traffic? Montana. You know why? 6.5 people per square mile. Miami Beach has 11,511 people per square mile and those numbers are probably distorted because it does not include seasonal residents or tourist spikes. People who complain about traffic and yet live in the middle of one of the densest cities in the county I will never understand. Traffic for a city means life, means revenue, means activity. Do people need more options like public transport and can the quality of traffic and streets be improved? Of course. New York City is always held as an exemplary city for public transportation and walk-ability and it’s “traffic” is a nightmare and worse than Miami if you look at it with that suburban mindset of a parkway in a landscape.


blah, blah, blah, traffic, blah, blah…..if we waited till we had light rail/mass transit built nothing would ever get done for around here. Traffic is a part of big city life. This building is progress. I live in SoBE and welcome this.