Multi-Million Dollar Lot 11 Skate Park Is Now Open Under Highway Ramp, A First For Miami

Miami saw it’s first skate park open this weekend – and it is huge.

Lot 11 Skate Park spans 45,000 square feet under an I-95 overpass.

Construction of the $1.8 million park was spearheaded by Nick Katz, who convinced the city of Miami to match funding from his family’s foundation, according to Miami New Times. The Sandra James and Barry Katz Charitable Lead Trust and the city of Miami both provided the funds.

The park features state-of-the-art contest courses, bowl and transition sections, and a flexible “real street” beginner’s area.

It is free and open to the public 7 days a week.

The Miami Parking Authority and Florida Department Of Transportation are also partners on the project, according to WSVN. Lot 11 Skate Park has a 25-year lease with the MPA, and an option to renew for $1 per year.


(photos: lot11skatepark/instagram)

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Muy cool.

Shore Power Broker

The sk8 park needs a bike lane and a metromover stop.


Agreed. Are there safe, non car ways to reach the skate park?


It’s literally 2 blocks away from Government Center station.

Gus Machado's left nut

Do you have PTSD from watching the movie “Christine”?


Ha!.. someone who’s worried about kids getting safely to this “Skate Park” to watch and then imitate other kids doing some of the most dangerous stunts imaginable on a skateboard.


Next time include shore power so we know you’re kidding.


Why they didn’t build it on top of a parking garage?


and parking podium and CVS


Glad to see real estate taken from homeless


They extended the climate ribbon to the skate park. That’s the real story.


The homeless had to double up on the next street over.


It is a fabulous park and a wonderful addition that was clearly lacking in Miami.
Bravo Nick, MPA and everyone involved.


It’s close to JMH trauma center too!!!?

1.8 million dollars ???? ? for what ?
It’s concrete that expensive?


takes a lot of skill to get those skate ramps right


And who said downtown is a ghost town?


in case of any fatal injuries do they get to sue the City?


Oh look it’s the Challenger Memorial triangle! Does this mean unentitled like s**ts will stop destroying Bayfront Park with their extreme sports, as if it isn’t a sad state already? Time to redo like Love Park in Philadelphia, no excuses!


It is nice, but it should not be free. They should at least charge a $5 admission to at least pay to maintain it. What is wrong in asking the user to pay a nominal fee?


The nice thing about a skate park is it’s mostly concrete ramps, steps and paving and steel handrails, and doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. This should remain free and let skate shops, X-games, etc, pay to use it if holding a special event. This should cover maintenance and upgrades as long as the park is being used and cared for.


Its basically a park, do you have to pay to get into a public park?