In Brickell, ‘Grocerant’ Announced As Tenant At Panorama Tower’s 75K Square Feet Of Retail

Panorama Tower – Miami’s new tallest building – has announced My Deli Market as a new tenant at their 75,000 square feet of luxury retail.

My Deli Market is leasing 4,720 square feet of space, and is planned as a “grocerant.” It will carry a variety of local and regional fresh produce, meats, bakery, supplementary grocery options, and homemade food. It will also provide room service deliveries to Panorama’s tenants, according to developer Florida East Coast Realty.

The new store will use data analysis to identify the needs of customers in order to maximize their experience, targeting customers in Miami of different nationalities and regions. Food will be prepared on a daily basis.

“Consumers are looking for freshly prepared, casual food that is made to order, but they also want to experiment with new food options. We want our customers to find the unusual, the unexpected, and the surprising at My Deli Market,” said Anselmo Endlich, Founder of My Deli Market. “Pioneers like FECR envisioned vertical cities decades ago. The future has arrived, and we are lucky to be a part of it at Panorama Tower.”

Endlich is a Brazilian who founded Latin America’s largest online Wine retailer, and recently moved to Miami.

“We’ve seen these grocery, deli, and café concepts pop up across major urban cities, and now we’re helping to bring them to Brickell,” said Jerome Hollo, Executive Vice President of FECR. “With the number of young professionals in Brickell, we see the demand for this type of sophisticated grocery store/eatery combination. Our goal with Panorama Tower always has been to deliver tenants everything that they need right outside their doors, as well as to create a greater sense of community within the neighborhood. Partnering with My Deli Market helps bring this full circle.”

Opening is scheduled for June 2019. Other retailers are also planned at Panorama, with Dogtown already open as the first tenant.

More than 50 percent of the 821 apartments at Panorama Tower are leased.

Alex Acker and Francisco Rodriguez Melo of Cedano Realty Advisors were the brokers who represented the tenants.



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This will do very very well, I think. Finally, the possibility of being a carless Miamian is coming.


buying prepared food allows you to be carless? what about the 3 publix stores, and many other places in brickell? me thinks this is not a genuine comment.

Miami Hurricane

75000 sq ft is a lot of retail space you need to keep populated every day… with minimal parking, they’ll be slower in the summer/rainy season. This is great on paper, but a huge challenge.

Miami Hurricane

Nevermind, reread that it is only 4,720 sq ft


Perfect. Anyone have the company’s website so we can see an idea of what to expect? I haven’t been able to find anything.


This will give character to the downtown Brickell and just increase the actual pediatrician experience as well…we need a street food concept like in Asian cultures that are local and co-op that will really enhance the area … Doesn’t have to be Asian foods either you can do all sorts of food concepts


Will increase the pedestrian experience too.


Great experience walking next to that giant imposing building without any setback and it’s various driveways.


The obstetrician experience might increase, as well.


Well all the office buildings along Brickell have deep setbacks as underutilized plazas. Very few new buildings have solid street interaction, even with Miami21.


We need more established restaurants before we can think about food trucks.


the average Trader Joe’s is only 15,000 square feet. Please! we need need one in Brickell.

The guy who lives there!

Before thinking of idiotic concepts you can maybe fix all the issues: parking completely saturated, 3 elevators down, ugliest pool in the city, gym constantly too cold with no music, roaches everywhere: from the moment you park your car to your unit, it seems like they are following us!
Good luck opening a food place with that many bugs around!


roaches? brand new building, why?


Let me guess, the logo will be orange and lime green with some random swoosh or a leaf. Businesses like this are the absolute most phoned-in copypasted garbage and since Miami and especially Brickell is full of the least sophisticated basics in the Americas, they proliferate like mushrooms.


Awesome! We, as tenants now have a cool option to get food. Will this make up for the low cost finished apartments that Panorama Tomer has to offer. I have lived in multiple apartments, and this compares to a low end Orlando Inn motel. You can hear your neighboor fart.. This is a joke..


How big was the lease? For all 75k Sqft?


It mentions 4700 square feet