Nader Responds To Negative Miami Herald Profile

Last week, the Herald published profiles of Gary Nader and Jorge Perez, who are competing to develop Miami Dade College’s property at 520 Biscayne.

While the article about Perez was completely positive, the Nader profile was mostly negative. Nader’s response is below.

The college’s board of trustees is set to consider an evaluation committee recommendation to negotiate with both developers at a meeting tomorrow.


After careful review of the Miami Herald article published on April 15, 2016 titled, “Already rich, Miami art dealer Gary Nader wants what’s next: a museum”, below is a formal response on behalf of Gary Nader.

The time that reporter, Andres Viglucci, set aside to produce an unprofessional and irresponsible article for the Miami Herald is much appreciated. It is clear that the article is biased and the reporter went to great lengths to attempt the staining of Mr. Gary Nader and his reputation within the South Florida community and art industry. The reporter took a personal attack approach with his words and poor judgment. The article printed by the Miami Herald was a reckless character assassination based on opinion, not fact, and calling into question the paper’s underlying motives and agenda along with that of the reporter.

First, Mr. Gary Nader would like to thank John Dasburg, Abel Holtz, Axel Stein, and Cesar Trasobares for their professional and personal support within this article.

Mr. Gary Nader is not ashamed of his success, everything he has accomplished throughout his career has been for his children and his family. He is however appalled by the Miami Herald’s descriptive explanations of his wealth, the car he drives and the home he resides in with his family. Please note Mr. Gary Nader is proud of his achievements as any successful businessman should be.

There are many points within the article that need a full detailed explanation and therefore we are providing this response. We have included very important items in which Andres Viglucci chose not to include in his reporting.

Regarding the legal attributes within this article, Mr. Nader would like to provide the media and the community accurate factual answers to the different legal matters.

In 2003, Mr. Nader saw a void in Miami Beach Art Basel regarding the lack of support for Latin American artists. At that time, he decided to produce the Contemporanea Art Fair at the Coconut Grove Convention Center. In order to have a successful fair, Mr. Nader offered 50 artists an opportunity to showcase their work at no charge for the space or build out. Nader absorbed north of $1,000,000.00 on the fair. In exchange he had an agreement with the 50 artists that they would donate art to Mr. Nader for the museum he would build. 49 of the 50 artists were committed to their agreements. One artist, Adriana Carvalho, decided she would not fulfill the contract. After receiving threats and constant insults from Mr. and Mrs. Carvalho, a policeman escorted the couple from Mr. Nader’s gallery. Because she was an upcoming artist, Mr. Nader did not want to pursue a lawsuit against her as she was unstable and he did this out of compassion.

Gary Nader Art Centre hired a shipping service to fulfill 300 catalogues to clients and galleries. The purpose for printing these catalogues was to have them in the hands of Mr. Nader’s clients prior to an art auction. It was imperative for them to receive this in a timely manner as they could not bid on the auction without having these catalogues first. The shipping company did not ship the catalogues on time therefore missing the opportunity to get to Mr. Nader’s clients on time. There were several complaints from Mr. Nader’s clients. Since the work was not completed and did not live up to its agreement, Mr. Nader has refused to pay the vendor the $9,000.00, hence the current lawsuit.

Carlton and Fields Law Firm had a meeting with Mr. Nader to discuss some items that were needed. Mr. Nader asked the firm to provide a proposal of fees so that they could decide to work together. Carlton and Fields Law Firm decided to do the work prior to an agreement in place and then proceeded to bill Mr. Nader for $54,000.00 for work they had not been hired for. Mr. Nader does not owe these funds. Mr. Nader never signed an agreement nor had he hired the firm or agreed on a retainer, which as everyone knows is customary when having a legal firm do any work.

After 2-years of calls to meet with Gary Nader, Enrique Martin Celaya came to an agreement to have a show at the Gary Nader Art Centre. Mr. Nader appreciated the persistence and wanted to support artist, Enrique Martin Celaya. Mr. Celaya proceeded without the knowledge of Mr. Nader to sell his work to Mr. Nader’s clients, clients that Mr. Nader had introduced him to. Mr. Celaya was fired from the gallery and Mr. Nader found out during the subpoena that he went as far as to sell a monumental sculpture and painting labeled, The Dock, that Mr. Nader had paid for. This behavior is unacceptable and no respective gallery would stand by and not take action.

Martin Margulies contacted Gary Nader years ago to stand beside him and not support the naming of what is now PAMM. He was very aggressive and accused Mr. Nader of conspiring against him. Martin Margulies has a reputation in the art community as being very bitter toward individuals who do not follow his cause. After continuous negative remarks, Mr. Nader asked Martin Margulies to not return ever to his gallery. Martin Margulies vengeance for the PAMM has remained so constant that instead of donating his collections to an institution in South Florida, he gave a $5 million collection to a New York institution. Mr. Margulies has no basis to make claims against Mr. Nader. The two have never done business together.

Andres Viglucci chose to not fulfill his duty as a reporter by going against Mr. Nader’s request for an “off the record” conversation. In providing the names of some of his clients, Mr. Nader requested that the names not be published however if Mr. Viglucci was looking to interview these individuals he could and at that moment ask their permission to be included. Instead, the reporter included the names provided and did not have the courtesy to call them. It is shameful that Andres Viglucci agreed that this list would remain confidential and that his pledge in journalism was broken. In addition, to place quotes by an unknown source in an article that is merely created to tarnish a man’s reputation is another poor decision by this reporter and the newspaper.

Gary Nader has produced over 200 art shows, 50 art books and is one of the largest collectors of Latin American art today. He is dedicated to Miami, its community and to wanting to build a further cultural platform for the world to see. Mr. Nader purchases his art in his current capacity. He does not offer consignment; he puts his money and knowledge in the deals first. It is why he holds such a high regard with his clients.
Mr. Nader’s proposal for the Miami Dade College parcel located at 520 Biscayne Boulevard in Downtown Miami includes contributions to the college with a present day value of $260 million. This contribution includes a comprehensive Latin American Art collection valued at $60 million consisting of 1,000+ works from over 250 important artists and $60 million cash contribution to MDC as well. This essential collection of art is the core of Mr. Nader vision. Nader’s group carefully calculated design integrates the university, while also respecting the Freedom Tower.

This Latin American Cultural Center, will promote fine art, music, film, dance, theater, literature, fashion, architecture and the culinary arts. The cultural center, which is valued at an estimated $140 million, will include a 196,000 square-foot fine art museum, a 3,000-person state-of-the-art conference center, a 1,600-seat performing arts theatre, and a sculpture garden all owned and controlled by Miami Dade College at no cost.

This museum is a platform for what is one of the most important cities today. Miami serves as a gateway to the Americas and Europe. Mr. Nader and his team want to build an important platform with great artists; Fernando Botero, Wifredo Lam and Joaquin Torres-Garcia – to name a few. This museum will be for artists from Mexico to Chile that are producing some of the most important works today. This museum will give them a voice. It is the duty of the people to do this for them. The capabilities of this institution are unparalleled and unlimited. There is a strong importance behind Nader’s proposed museum. If a small museum is created there will be no interest from artists and the community. It needs to be a large museum in order for it to expand and have multiple shows at the same time.

Mr. Gary Nader is an honest businessman with a passion and eye for art. He has a mission, to create an iconic museum with one of the largest Latin American art collections in the world located in the bustling metropolitan city, Miami. He believes that as a business hub and home to a large array of citizens from Latin American countries, Miami is the perfect place for his vision. This is what he fights for and why he will continue to push forward to make sure this becomes a reality. It remains very clear that personally Mr. Nader defends himself and does not allow others to dictate his moves.