Neighbor Wants Approval For Melo’s Bay House Revoked (Updated)

Melo Group’s Bay House is well under construction, but an appeal from a neighbor could threaten the project.

ACU Holdings Inc., which owns property neighboring Bay House, is requesting that the city reverse a decision to approve the project. An attorney for ACU says that that the city granting seven waivers to Melo was not in the letter and spirit of the Miami 21 zoning code, and that the project is too big for the property.

Miami’s Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board will consider the request to reverse the approval at a meeting this week.

Contractors poured the 16th floor at Bay House this weekend, and are adding a new flooor every six days.


 Update: The two sides have reached a settlement, according to a reporter for the DBR


(images above via L&R Structural Corp)


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7 years ago

“Good luck”,wonder what the motivation is?(money?)

7 years ago

these people had plenty of time during the hole proses to oppose this building and they apparently did not i don’t see how things could be reversed, I’m assuming that this is another developer that this building is going to affect some future development and now they want to turn back something which is very far along. i would think that the city could not reverse something that was passed who is going to compensate this developer for the work that has been done with permission. this seems to me a slippery slope if things can be overturned at such a late stage of the game. if this were to happen the city would turn into a free for all and any time some one who wanted to extort many from a developer would do something like this . i don’t think any one in their right mind would build anything in this city again . follow the rules and you can oppose anything but i can’t see not the city or any court approving such a request

many many many
7 years ago

Judging by lots of the spelling here, this is somebody whose english is not very good…. a Melo?

7 years ago

That’s ridiculous. Melo should countersue and take these clowns to the cleaners.

7 years ago

These people are just upset that Melo didn’t buy out their small, old, run down properties in the process when they bought nearly the entire block (with the exception of 3 houses and Maestro Resdencia which is owned by the Varican) that houses Bay House. They have Icon on 29th, Crimson on 28th, and now Bay on house 26th/27th so they’re just upset. Playing it smart/greedy by requesting this now to probably receive some sort of compensation to just leave it alone. And let the project happen.

7 years ago


7 years ago

The City has completely abdicated the design principles that were instituted via Miami21. As someone in building and zoning said to me, “no one here really knows what is what. It is the wild, Wild West. A new frontier.” He was referring to how the city was granting waivers and making developer friendly decisions that are completely counter to the new urban design benefits of miami21. 17,000 and counting planned condo units? Oh, that’s right, this time is different.